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  1. I was trying to get vanilla Macer (renamed AGM-65G IIRC) missile working in ACE3. The "Press T to lock" system does not work, and the missile does not follow laser marker. Does anybody happen to know how it works? Please help. thanks.
  2. I just noticed some incorrect translation in Chinese voice provided in game. In Chinese, "方位/方向"(direction, bearing) is the correct word for "bearing" in this context, and "轴承座标("Shaft-Bearing" coordinate)" is a complete nonsense, because "bearing" is not intended to be the part that bear a shaft here. In radio communication, Chinese military members use "Yao/Liang/Guai/Gou/Dong(幺/两/拐/钩/洞)" instead of "Yi/Er/Qi/Jiu/Ling(一/二/七/九/零)" to avoid possible misunderstanding, pretty like "Alpha/Zulu" notation used in NATO radio communication. I understand that voiceover is not that easy to fix but I just wanted to post it. My English is very broken comparing to how it was years ago, so pardon me and/or point out if there is any grammar/structure mistakes in the post.