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  1. As the title says Can you not change loadouts at an ammo truck or something similar?
  2. I have a buddy who runs servers and is currently running a virtual server for me on Arma 3. My current problems are as follows: - The server refuses to show up in the A3 browser if persistent is turned off - The Arma 3 Lobby timeout is nonexistent, and is not a server.cfg setting. Meaning I can't change server parameters and start mission with everyone all at once. Some things to note: - The server is modless - Nothing special is running on the server as it is a clean install, not even custom missions - Any more info can be provided as requested
  3. Mrfluffythe3rd

    [Solved] Two dedicated server problems

    We ended up launching outside of TCAdmin, and found a problem code arise involving autoinit. After disabling Persistent and Autoinit the server now launched fine with a lobby timeout. Thanks for the response.
  4. As the title says. (for ground vehicles) I have a few things i've been working on have been wondering if this is doable in Arma. Thanks.
  5. Mrfluffythe3rd

    JETS - Can you only edit loadouts in the editor?

    Thank you so much for this. Shame it wasn't built in with the dlc release.
  6. Mrfluffythe3rd

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Dynamic loadouts can't be changed ingame only in editor? Is that changeable to allow for dynamic loadouts for players ingame?
  7. Mrfluffythe3rd

    Modding - Player weapon holding animation

    Found the solution on my own Seems using an external pbo manager to pack it has been breaking it Using arma 3 tools to binarize and pack the pbo solved all my problems
  8. Mrfluffythe3rd

    Modding - Player weapon holding animation

    I also forgot to mention that in Example B I had simply copied Zach's animation for a try, which worked fine the first time. Although whenever I try and recreate it again it doesn't seem to turn out the same way as Example B