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  1. I've recently started working with the Eden Editor again, and I've run into a problem with spawning. I've placed spawn points, playable soldiers, edited game settings and I still keep spawning in the ocean at (0,0). Everything is working fine (except for the zues module) when I test it in the editor, both in single and multiplayer. However upon hosting a server, selecting the mission, and playing it, I still spawn in the water. Yes, I have exported the mission to multiplayer. Any help would be appreciated, thank you! Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit blurry. Soldier settings: Attributes >> Multiplayer: Respawn points: Spawning in the water: (You can see where I spawn in the bottom left, and something spawned where I was supposed to.) Zues module that wont work, would appreciate any help with this as well:
  2. Thank you, Worked like a charm!
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    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I've been searching through this post and have been unable to find an answer to my issue, so if it has been solved my apologies. I have been attempting to register a new unit and am unable to get past the first page, "Basic Info". I have filled out every single category (with the exception of a website) and am unable to continue to the second page, "Characteristics". The Continue button at the bottom of the page simply does not work, and I can't select the Characteristics tab by clicking on it ( a red circle with a line through it appears when i hover over it). I've used both Chrome and Firefox to attempt this, and neither has worked. There are no issues with the Name, Tag, or URL, there are no conflicts. Any help would be appreciated.