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  1. We have set up a Facebook page for distributing information about Kobbvatn - Arma mod, check it out and dig inn to the news! www.facebook.com/Kobbvatn/
  2. Thank you. There will be screenshots yes, when we find the time.
  3. Oh yes, will repost in right section. The tunnel works great with high command, some random issues with ai at "normal command", dont know if it can be fixed, but that is something we are looking in to. Tunnel is upscaled concrete pipes, yes.
  4. Hey. Wanted to show-case the new map Kobbvatn for Arma 3, made by Xindrum and my good friend FargeBlind. We have been working on this map of our home location in Norway, Kobbvatn / Mørsvik to Arma 3 for quite some time now, and we felt that it's time to show what we have done so far. There remains a lot of work until the map is complete, but we will launch it to the public when we feel it's playable. Kobbvatn - New Arma 3 Map Trailer We hope you are looking forward to getting your hands on the map because we can hardly wait to finish it. Enjoy.