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  1. just wondering if there has been any progress on the deck crew animations?
  2. What we are looking for is for the "USS Freedom" similar to the Jets DLC promo video. I think the "USS Nimitz" mod has 3 separate ambiance modules included that populates the deck with aircraft, refueling, repair, rescue services and crew etc. Maybe it is possible to adapt those modules,with the original authors permission of course, to work with the new carrier. @ captmoose344 your last post appeared just as I was about to post this. Sounds like you're definitely on the right track. It will be so convenient and good just to use a module when including this carrier in a mission.
  3. Thanks! very much looking forward to this. I was disappointed to find that a deck ambiance module was not included after I purchased the Jets DLC.
  4. kevinsue

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Something for all those talented, creative modders out there. A module to populate the deck of the "USS Freedom" with crew animations, rearming, refueling and other assets as shown in the "Jets DLC" trailer and similar to the modules available with the "USS Nimitz" mod. This would make creating missions utilizing this new carrier so much more easier and streamlined, not to mention the added ambiance. The carrier capable aircraft also need a mod to allow the nose wheel steering to be able to turn 90° each side of centre, possibly triggered by "weight on wheels" to facilitate maneuvering on the flight deck. I can only imagine the chaos in multiplayer when large numbers of players are trying to land, refuel, rearm and get airborne again in multi mission scenarios when you need 40 acres to turn your rig around....
  5. kevinsue

    How to improve visibility range?

    If you are using the ACE 3 mod, it appears to override the game view distance settings. Even with "Video Settings" selected in the Ace view distance limiter options, the view distance remains at the default Ace 3 settings no matter where you put the view distance sliders ingame and needs to be adjusted in the Ace Options Menu. Not sure if this was caused by the last update but it would be great to have this reintegrated and working correctly.
  6. G'day everyone...is there any way to stop the FOV moving aft when speed increases when flying a helicopter? Starts with the correct perspective but then feels like you hopped in the back seat when you get up to speed. I can't find anything in the UI to switch this effect off.