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    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Well, I was using Speedbrake action since its introduction, not analogue one, and still - airbrakes works like a charm, wheel brakes - doesnt work at all. Here is short vid: As you can see i rebinded key just for sake of this video, then 0:50-1:18 tried to use Speedbrake action on low speed(doesnt slow down unless shut the power), then 1:20-1:57 tried same thing on higher speed(same as previous), then 2:00-2:20 tried to spool up engines while holding brakes. Last one even more weird - as you can see for a brief moment airbrake just went off by itself then engaged back again while i was holding button all the time. And again, plane brakes only when trottle is set to 0%. Also whats up with the front chassis sinking into ground on 0:30-0:35 ?

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I have a mouse with 2 additional buttons too, but i've mapped them for zoom controls, so there isnt any free button to bind. But remember - we've got new actions to control radar, flare modes and tailhook, so we need to place them somewhere on keyboard within comfort and easy reach, just so you concentrate on piloting instead of searching "where-the-heck-i've-mapped-this-thing" button while trying to evade missile. SIgh... Please, read my post again, carefully. I know how flaps are works. I know how to use them. And "T\O + landing checklist discipline" with a current ARMA plane FM is ridiculous. All i want is just to have an ability to control flaps with one button instead of two just to save some precious space on keyboard for new features. Also, making simple controls overcomplicated isnt the only way to increase realism. I didnt use joystick, but i'm generally intrested to see where did you find wheels brake action for planes. Can you show it to me on a screenshot, please ?

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Since this time DLC and platform update is (almost) all about revamping plane-related aspects of the game, i hope there this is a chance to ask some small but really useful(in my opinion) QoL improvements: 1.Make "Toggle flaps mode" bind\action to toggle between flaps modes with one button - utilizing flaps in combat and piloting are vital, and using for this two separate buttons not only uncomfortable, but with amounts of binds requiered by arma, it is really tough to find comfortable and unoccupied bind to use. Alternative solution is to make "Flaps down"/"Flaps up" action behave the same way as "Gear up"/"Gear down" do - you can assign same button to both actions and it will nicely toggle between them. BTW if you try to do assign same buttons to "Flaps down"/"Flaps up" actions, flaps just go to takeoff position and stuck there, unless you switch them back with mouse menu. 2.Since we got airbrake release separated from throttle controls is it possible to separate landing gear brakes too and combine them with airbrake release ? Taxiing on runway with introduction of manual throttle became less of a pain in the neck, but dropping throttle to zero to stop isnt that useful. When you need to slow down a little, completely dropping your throttle and then immedeately setting it back to 10-20 percent so you wont stop in the middle of the taxiway isnt the easiest thing to do. Also with separation wheel brakes from engine throttle, take-offs from short runways can become much easy: just throttle engine up while standing on brakes, then release them and take off on full power instead of wasting half of the runway just to spool your engines up.