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    F.U.S.E -- Explosives & EOD Project

    I just realized, this is the section of f.u.s.e. not frogs. Sorry for the previous message. I guess I'm out of the conversation. Should I write the other side and remove the message here, now that I've solved the problem with f.u.s.e.?
  2. Marco PoloTerzo

    F.U.S.E -- Explosives & EOD Project

    Thank you for reply! The projects that you have written are very interesting. I hope to see them soon! I've read the instructions and tried many times to search on internet for similar problems and solutions. On f.u.s.e. I resolved, in the object name all times wrote vqi_eod_1 forgetting "bomb". now it works! Very sorry for the simple mistake. For frogs it's different. I tested version 2.2, more recently removed it from arma3 folder and replaced with the new 2.3. In 2.2 (when i used it before the new version) the "vqi_frogs_hmsproteus" laptop and the module worked for me but with various issues. One of these was the absence of the option to board Proteus after approached it. On frogs 2.3 wait some minutes but the laptop does not work, it does not offer options, like a simple object.I don't know if it was useful information, but i run it with core
  3. Marco PoloTerzo

    F.U.S.E -- Explosives & EOD Project

    Regarding the "module" of explosives I had read that Mr. V. Quest was actually thinking about the future in the activation and disarmament of nuclear and biological devices, chemical e.o.d. and dirty bombs ??? It would be a fantastic addition if it is really his intention. in that case, may I ask if anyone knows, in the future is in his plans a further development of this direction too? There is something about arma3 in CBRN operations, combat and military operations in contaminated areas, preparation and use of CBRN weapons or anything like that? I have not found anything for now, but find something like this, (as it was to find the additions of Mr. V. Quest) would be considerable. I think all these things seriously make arma3 even more amazing.
  4. Marco PoloTerzo

    F.U.S.E -- Explosives & EOD Project

    Hello, excuse my bad english. And if I'm impractical on blogs, I hope to write here is fine. I tried the "modules" made by Mr. Von Quest, very beautiful. I followed the instructions of the blog but does not work on my pc frogs, and f.u.s.e. after putting respectively the HMS Proteus terminal and VQI eod. I see others have had the same problems, is there any solution or someone has figured out what may depend? Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to answer. It would be nice to run them.