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  1. JustNat

    Argo Videos

    Hi, Hope you enjoy, please share: Thanks.
  2. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    Hi, (This is a bit off topic) My brother and I found out that there are MANY young gamers out there who cannot play while there is blood in game when he made the "How to turn off blood in COD AW ": Which is why I was thrilled that Argo has a "Disable Blood" option. This means that more players will now be able enjoy Argo! What do you think, do you agree with me, or have another opinion? Thanks.
  3. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    You have a good point. Paying once for a quality game is how Bohemia Interactive does it. But this is the new Bohemia incubator branch, they are to try out new things. Maybe making the Argo title a free to play will be a step into the right direction, something new for the company (it will definitely draw in a new crowd to Bohemia's gates.) What do you think?
  4. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    Hi, I get annoyed that after sprinting (my full sprint limit) my mercenary can instantly look down my sights and have a steady aim. Adding a unsteady effect after sprinting your full distance will make this game a little more real/realistic. What do you think? Thanks.
  5. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    Love the art and logos :D
  6. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    New Game-modes will be great! Maybe something that will let you re-spawn after a death (rather than wait until the next round), or possibly more in the direction of a hostage game-mode! Thanks.
  7. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    Hi, Project Argo looks great, and (in my opinion) has a lot of potential. All of Bohemia Interactive's previous titles has been paid games so, when Project Argo goes Standalone; will it be a Free game? Thanks.
  8. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    This sounds like a good idea. In-game maps can get repetitive after MANY hours of play. But adding elements such as rain and day/night weather conditions always make the experience more enjoyable. Plus, this will also add extra a elements of realism and strategy (everything that Argo is about,) using torches during the night to using the suns position to your advantage. Thanks.
  9. JustNat

    Feedback Thread

    Hi, I think that a ARGO Clan/Team will be great, I totally support the idea!