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  1. HunterBravo1

    Session Lost - Cannot Connect

    This has got to be one of the most detailed, in-depth help requests that I have ever seen, and STILL no one responded?? I hate to say this, but it looks like you're going to have to find another game. I myself am having the same issue with the "session lost" error, and have asked for help on multiple, multiple forums, and haven't received a single response on any of them. I mean freaking seriously, if you're a forum admin, and you only have time in your day to look at and respond to a single forum board, that should be the support board. No freaking wonder Arma 3 is dying, and now they have the audacity to move onto Arma 4 without even bothering to fix the problems with A3? Yeah, good luck selling the next game when everyone is fed up with your crap, Bohemia.
  2. HunterBravo1

    Looking for a good survival server

    So either A. There are no good survival servers out there, or B. No one uses this forum anymore :(
  3. Looking for a good survival server Hello all, I'm looking for a good modded Arma 3 server to play on. I've played the game before but am now getting back into it. Prefered features are: 1. Not too much loot, but not too scarce either. Lower tier loot can be somewhat common with better loot being very hard to find. 2. Roving AI that hunt you; infantry at the minimum, ground vehicles are better, boat and aircraft patrols would be great! 3. Prefer militarized, with only civilian gear, weapons, and equipment available at traders; must search and scavenge for the good stuff. Or, perhaps, military being very expensive and require high respect/xp/whatever to purchase. 4. PvPvE, but if a PvE only server is good enough I'll consider it. Maybe even have PvP at night only? 5. AI survivable, but able to take you out in numbers if you're not careful. 6. Zombies: take 'em or leave 'em, I'm not particular, as long as there are enough AI to keep me on my toes. 7. A friendly and active player base who are down for some RP rather than shoot on sight all the time. 8. Missions, with a variety of difficulty levels for different skilled players. 9. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, rad storms, etc. 10. And of course, the most basic survival aspects: food, water, thirst, fatigue, and body temps. 11. Base building! 12. Day/night cycle with decent length nights. 13. Sneaking/stealth; ability to avoid zombies and AI if you stay low and slow. 14. Not picky about any particular map, just needs to be a big one. 15. ... Probably more stuff, but that's just off the top of my head. If you think I might like your server, please let me know. Even if it doesn't have everything on my wish list, if it's fun enough otherwise, I might just give it a go. :)