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    Possible memory leak?

    Hello i have looked up info. I have come to a 50/50 conclusion. Its either BSOD and i havve to update my motherboard drivers because of a killer network card. (found info here:https://dev.arma3.com/known-issues)
  2. shadowofjohn

    Possible memory leak?

  3. shadowofjohn

    Possible memory leak?

    Hello there! My problem only consist on Arma 3. I've heard people tell me it is a memory leak but i am not one hundred percent sure. My game about 5 minutes after playing freezes my computer and goes through a sound loop (repeats same sound) If i leave it long enough a blue screen comes up and says fatal memory error. But i just turn my computer off and it is fine. It has been happening since last update. I figured if i stopped playing for a month or two it would fix. It has not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ps: i have submitted a support ticket to Bohemia in hopes of an answer.
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    168. seems ok

    I wish i was you
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    Arma 3 freezes pc

    When i play arma it freezes my computer. I have tried reinstalling game, reinstalling update, Verifying files, and re-downloading all mods. When my game freezes i cant do anything ex: Alt+tab does not work neither does ctrl+alt+del. If i let the game freeze for long enough a blue windwos screen pops up saying there was a fatal memory error. which eventually shuts down my computer and i have to turn it back on. Thank you, John
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    Mission File

    You may be able to find help here : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit
  7. My game is doing something similar to this. But it only seems to be during daytime on servers for me. I've played for a good 2 hours on a night time server and when it went to day my game instantly froze. The main problem with mine is that it freezes and goes through a sound loop and there is no way to fix it other than shutting my computer off and on. I have sent a support email to bohemia interactive about this. If you can try playing on a night server and see if your game does not crash. :)