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  1. Swan-UK

    Boring campaign

    I'm trying to find a decent action packed campaign where this guy is trying to find campaigns that evolve around driving around aid trucks...sorry but why do you want to patrol on a game from point A to point B with zero action? That being said I do agree with him about the campaigns - I for one am looking for a good campaign that uses the british army, sick of playing as the yanks all the time, A2 BAF campaign was actually pretty good - I don't know but the developers got extremely lazy with these campaigns we have now.
  2. Swan-UK

    Metric System Option

    I agree, at least the air vehicles should have the option to change units to Speed = Kts and Altitude = Ft. I am a PPL holder in UK, the only aircraft I have seen that measures speed in anything other than Knots is the Piper Cub which displays speed as MPH. In all fairness km/h is a ridiculous unit to measure the speed of an aircraft, especially when it comes to fast-jets
  3. Swan-UK

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Getting the same problem with xcopy here. Was working fine a couple hours ago.. nothing changed on my end. Was this even solved?
  4. I don't plan to make it 1:1, that is impossible but I am sure I can do the houses etc as most buildings around here are the same, so 10 or 15 different house models.. each with 5 different textures for variation, I am used to sitting for days on end placing objects so I don't think this will bother me, it's some what easier to what I normally do :D. M1lkm8n - Thank you very much for answering these questions, so if I make changes to the sat or mask I just hit the "generate layers" button again in the samplers page? MusicShaggy - Noted, though I don't plan on doing any vehicles, just strictly buildings, can 02 imports .max or .3ds files? Tankbuster - No comment, haha!
  5. Hello Not sure if I am too late or what but there is an awesome site you can get a number of textures from.. it's free but you will only be allowed to get lower res.. to get higher res you need a payed subscription but it's www.textures.com (formerly CG Textures), absolutely great for environment maps, seamless textures.. just about everything really :)
  6. Check through your config.cpp, I had 2 lines referencing "newRoadsShape".
  7. Hello Everyone! Before I get on to my questions I will introduce myself a bit. I am coming here with flight simulator scenery development experience (payware), so it seems a lot what we have to do to build terrain in Arma is fairly similar to how we do it in FS which is a good thing. I have been playing Arma series since day 1 and always had an ambition to make my own map, this grew when DayZ came out but basically I was a bit petrified in having to go back to the drawing board to learn how to develop addons for a platform other than FS, I said there are some similarities which is true, although some snippets of things are incredibly awkward! but hey, I am not expecting to come here with FS experience and being able to walk through everything with ease to get what I want in Arma 3. After months of watching and reading tutorials on top of studying existing files, I have started to (finally) create my own map. The map is 40960x40960m, satellite is 40960px.. so 1 px/m covering my home city of Leicester to it's real scale. So far I just have a few roads and forests placed, works in-game not a problem and I must say looks fantastic and feels it on my own personal achievements! So for my questions, I have not really seen a post which answers exactly so I will ask here 1.) If my satellite photo is 40960px, does my height map and surface mask need to be the same? 2.) Since I am building my home city of Leicester, you will find it is almost at the heart of England.. so not an island - I am using 30m SRTM data, I am aware Arma only supports water at absolute 0, but is there a work around so I can have in land rivers, reservoirs and canals? 3.) My modeling software is Autodesk 3ds Max 9 and Autodesk 3ds Max 2015, are there available SDK's so that I can model and export models right out of 3ds max that will be compatible for Arma? 4.) My colleague who works with me on my FS scenery products said I am an absolute maniac to be making the city of Leicester in full scale for Arma 3, does he have a point? :D 5.) If I have already created my proper terrain in Terrain Builder (which I have), can I simply edit the satellite and mask images and have them updated or will I need to re-compile all again? That's all, (for now), I apreciate you taking the time to read this post and hopefully be able to answer my questions Best Regards Darren (Swan)
  8. What format are your textures? some compression can cause problems with different software...also check bit rate
  9. Swan-UK

    small re-texture job [will pay]

    I think you mean a modeling and texturing job.. basically the entire shebang... I think $20 is a bit low to be bluntly honest but hey someone may be willing but for $20 you can't expect it to be spick and span