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  1. Hi Guys I make a script to spawn mission on mutiple location random but i want to lock it at 3 mission so i make this but im not able to at the end it count and change my variable to 0 at 1 (exemple) and after 1 to 2 how can i do that ? second question , how can i make repeat my sqf file everytime my _Mcount is under 3 (Or i need to call it every X minute and if _Mcount is under 3 then spawning mission else nothing ) but how can do automaticly ? _Mcount = 0; _Mtype = ["Walk","Task","Ant","Sector","tower"]; _MtypeRandom = selectRandom _Mtype; _Mpos = [test12,test12_1,test12_2]; _MposRandom = selectRandom _Mpos; if (_Mcount < 3) then { [ _MtypeRandom, getpos _MposRandom, [0,0,0], 0, false ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp }; Thanks guys
  2. you need to add you teleport into the exeption of BE OR you can use this tool , and for all error you get , it will create automaticly the exeption code for you. https://github.com/eraser1/BE_AEG
  3. Now im working on a CreateVehicle script , thats is pretty easy to spawn 1 object but i,m not able to make it spawn mutiple object with 1 cmd _objs = [ ["Land_HBarrierTower_F",[1688.42,5601.6,0],180.049,[[-0.000857441,-1,0],[-0,0,1]],false], ["Land_HBarrierTower_F",[1702.61,5582.49,0],270.462,[[-0.999968,0.00806372,0],[0,0,1]],false], ["Land_HBarrierTower_F",[1688.42,5563.38,0],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],false], ["Land_HBarrierTower_F",[1674.23,5582.49,0],90.6414,[[0.999937,-0.0111948,0],[0,-0,1]],false], ["Land_HBarrier_Big_F",[1677,5589.9,0],298.636,[[-0.877679,0.479249,0],[0,0,1]],false] ]; How can i make spawn all this object with one cmd ?
  4. Hi everyone i<m creating a mission with Tonic framework. i want spawn a "side mission" into my mission. i,m trying to make spawning a AI mission then player go there and kill all AI. To spawn my AI im using LV spawn (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19832) i know how to export object location with mapbuilder (this is not a problem) i just dont know how to start making spawn my ai side mission. i want : more then 1 mission in the same time into the map (show by a marker on the map) mutiple difficulty hint the server when it start server delete all corps and object after the mission is finish and the player leave after X time a mission is done , another appears after a mission is not done , delete and appear a new one Technically , the LV script works with a gamelogic module with the code of LV in the init of the game logic. im guessing i can make spawn a game logic with the code init , with some ambiant object with the position , its just all the other scrip to call all that , delete , hint , mark and repeat it . thank you all.
  5. Davinel

    How to setup a Headless client

    is running into the same server but not into the same docker i didn try to connect with if it work for a different docker ,but i try to fix this way
  6. Davinel

    How to setup a Headless client

    for me still not working still steam authenfication failed. -------------I have set into my server.cfg headlessClients[] = {"",""}; localClient[]={"",""}; // BattlEye Anti-Cheat License // 0 = decline // 1 = accept battleyeLicense = 1; ------------------My HC profiles: version=1; blood=1; volumeCD=5; volumeFX=5; volumeSpeech=5; singleVoice=0; gamma=1; brightness=1; battleyeLicense=1; // with or without this not working i read alot of post and i see some video and im confused now , somoene can help me ? ----------------my start up paramenter of my server : ./arma3server -ip= -port=25500 -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg -autoinit -enableHT -profiles=D-Trox -mod="" -servermod="@infiSTAR_A3;" ------------------my HC : ./arma3server -client -connect= -port=25500 -nosound -name=HC -password=bob -profiles=profiles -mod="" Thank you
  7. Davinel

    Saving Problem

    extb2 log : https://pastebin.com/jE0GDcg2 RPT log : https://pastebin.com/gd9X1XS8
  8. Davinel

    Trader Price Problem

    When you comment (//) anything , make sure you do not comment a end of line codxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , codxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you comment the last one you gonna take a error cause you comment the end of the line and you let the ' , ' at the end but normally when you let this kind of error , the script was just not read. if i understand your code is readed but not working properly , what you can do is make a backup of your modified mod and re-install the trader-mod without make any change , just intall it like a fresh install of the mod
  9. Davinel

    Saving Problem

    @z80cpu i try alot of thing but i dont try extb3 somoene say to me to change of LGBD
  10. Davinel

    Infistar Problem

    Its exactly i do i try alot of thing andd exactly what you explain i try it the server detect it , see it , where is located but the server dont load it , its weird im using pterodactyl on linux and docker so i dont if something make it change
  11. Davinel

    Infistar Problem

    Hello @z80cpu I found why , its stupid its because on linux you cannot have uppercase letter , so every mod was on or with a uppercase letter not loaded. but anyway i restart my server into another PC(on windows) cause its really not enjoyable try to make a server on linux , if the name of the mod you wanna add have a space like : Zombies and Demons the server stop reading at Zombies (so not work) if you change the name of the mod , the server find it but not loaded it (probably because you change the name) So every mod you add i pass hour and hour to just try to make a mod work so i build another pc with old part and i make a server with it ^^
  12. Hi guys A little problem with the saving prgression The server save my respect , # of death and kill but not my eguipement. everytime i return into the server i restart like a bambi Anyone know why ? thank you
  13. Somoene got this problem , if yes how can i fix it ? ErrorMessage: Cannot open file '/home/container/@infiSTAR_Exile\addons\a3_infistar_exile' Application terminated intentionally 20:45:16 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! Cannot open file '/home/container/@infiSTAR_Exile\addons\a3_infistar_exile'
  14. Davinel

    Prob and bug fix

    BE Problem Fixed A problem with the connexion A port was not allocated to my docker
  15. Davinel

    Prob and bug fix

    Hello thank you The problem its i dont find any RPT log or BE log into all the panel A idea where it can be located ?