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Help to figure out to do my script

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Hi everyone 


i<m creating a mission with Tonic framework.

i want spawn a "side mission" into my mission. 

i,m trying to make spawning a AI mission then player go there and kill all AI. 
To spawn my AI im using LV spawn (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19832)

i know how to export object location with mapbuilder (this is not a problem)

i just dont know how to start making spawn my ai side mission. 

i want

  1.  more then 1 mission in the same time into the map (show by a marker on the map)
  2. mutiple difficulty 
  3. hint the server when it start
  4. server delete all corps and object after the mission is finish and the player leave
  5. after X time a mission is done , another appears
  6. after a mission is not done , delete and appear a new one 


Technically ,  the LV script works with a gamelogic module with the code of LV in the init of the game logic. 

im guessing i can make spawn a game logic with the code init ,  with some ambiant object with the position ,  its just all the other scrip to call all that , delete , hint , mark  and repeat it . 

thank you all. 

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Now im working on a CreateVehicle script ,  thats is pretty easy to spawn 1 object but i,m not able to make it spawn mutiple object with 1 cmd 

_objs = [

How can i make spawn all this object with one  cmd ? 

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Hi Guys 

I make a script to spawn mission on mutiple location random but i want to lock it at 3 mission so i make this but im not able to at the end it count and change my variable  to 0 at 1 (exemple) and after 1 to 2  how can i do that ? 
second question ,  how can i make repeat my sqf file  everytime my _Mcount is under 3  (Or i need to call it every X minute  and if _Mcount is under 3  then spawning mission else nothing ) but how can do automaticly ? 


_Mcount = 0;
_Mtype = ["Walk","Task","Ant","Sector","tower"];  
_MtypeRandom = selectRandom _Mtype; 
_Mpos = [test12,test12_1,test12_2]; 
_MposRandom = selectRandom _Mpos;

if (_Mcount < 3) 
    then {
        [ _MtypeRandom, getpos _MposRandom, [0,0,0], 0, false ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp 

Thanks guys 

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