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  1. Hi, trying to learn how to loop this command if that is what it requires. Code: offroad = "B_G_Offroad_01_repair_F" createVehicle getMarkerPos "man2"; Code: deleteVehicle offroad; I have a vehicle spawner and it works fine while being able to spawn as many as I want, the issue I have is that with this code I am only able to delete "one" object worth of that vehicle. So if I spawn in 3, it will only delete the 3rd one and not the other 2. I expect that I require some kind of loop command or an if and else, I have not learned how to use this properly. Currently studying the if and else statements to see if they are involved with this process, help is greatly appreciated thanks. Currently working with this trying to figure it out, hopefully I'm in the right area of code, but seems like the "while" is meant to repeat code so this must be what I am looking for. while {offroad true} do { deleteVehicle offroad; };
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    deleteVehicle Loop?

    Yes I am new to programming as whole only a weeks time, thank you for making it clear :)
  3. PheNux Cam

    deleteVehicle Loop?

    Thank you I will work on it tomorrow. Also I have a question, can you explain to me what this is doing AllmyVehicles = []; I know that is a created variable but what is the []; <-- doing?
  4. I'm working on a little script for my milsim unit and I'm creating a formations training board. This is my little spawnboard I created and I have a script that is going to spawn some ai in different formations, such as a wedge, line, column etc. Right now you are viewing the line. My issue is that when I spawn these guys in with the script I cannot get them to face my direction, they just default back to facing the north direction no matter what. I've been stuck on it for about 6 hours and tried everything, dowatch, lookat, setdir, setformdir, I even created another empty marker as a direction for them to watch towards if possible but nothing works. Here you can see a map view of what I have setup, the empty markers with the ai I've spawned, the spawnboard, and another empty marker as a potential direction to look at. Lastly, here is the code I'm working with. I have only been scripting for about a week now so I am still new to this all but i've managed to do this all from tutorials and constant study of the wiki though things are still confusing, please help thanks <3.
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    Direction Facing Script Help

    Thanks for helping :) <3
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    Direction Facing Script Help

    Thanks I'll work on it
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    Direction Facing Script Help

    I did read over it like 100 times and tried to comprehend, but that is what happens when you are days new to something, I'm a bit slow stupid. Therefore, what would be the proper way to fix this then??
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    Direction Facing Script Help

    Yeah, I have been playing around with that but I feel that I may not be entering it properly. So far I have it this way [getMarkerPos "man1" setFormDir 270]; I have to use getmarkerpos man1 since it is my marker to spawn the man so it has to be my object. Then when I try the board I get an error. I still have difficulty comprehending what I am doing wrong but somehow I feel it might be simple.. like an error in syntax or something, can you give me an example to fix it properly?
  9. It is possible to do this.
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    Arma 3 Life Server Project. Hiring Dev's.

    Is this is still active I can help out.
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    Respawn issues, Zeus

    respawn scripts can be really annoying man
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    Zeus problems on server (NEED HELP)

    need to add the modukle for it
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    Newb questions about zues.

    welcome to zues