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  1. The strange thing is that I put an artillery in the ground (that is a giant tanke) and it only appears in the radar when I am very close, being impossible the lock. Yes, the radar is on.
  2. I'm having problems, many times the vehicles do not appear on the radar, even though I'm sure they're in the range of radar, air and ground vehicles (I tested it in the editor)
  3. The height of an aircraft in the weapon can vary greatly, if the vertical distance is not wide enough it will become an almost impossible task to detect air and ground targets
  4. By the tests that I did, I had the impression that the vertical range that the radar works is very short, making it very difficult to detect
  5. I did not know if it was my fault, but I had a lot of problems using AA Buzzard's radar, the target only appeared practically when I was in my field of vision (yes, I turned on the radar), the IR seemed to work correctly, It worked. Maybe it's the altitude that the other jet was, but I think they should give it a revised one.