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  1. Hey guys, Spend tons of hours trying to figure out why our Liberation Mission ported to taviana, Wouldn't load up on our linux server we have full access to the server. We tried creating a mission on Taviana with the same mods such as Ace etc and we were able to load in just fine. But as soon as we put the liberation misson back we couldn't load into the server and the console was throwing out a bunch of errors. Could someone help us as were at our wits end with this. Mods list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=852969791 Server log: https://pastebin.com/vu2iVKNG Thanks
  2. Forgot to include that the mission actually loads when i host it through my client on a multiplayer session, people can join and play. But as soon as we try to host it on the linux server we run into those issues and cannot load in to the misson.
  3. Hiya We are creating a liberation server on Taviana, We have 5 people so far that will be playing with another possible 2-3 people. The server will be hosted on a dedicated box in France and the mission file has been edited by myself for Taviana. Scar
  4. BAScarface

    Anyone intrested in Liberation on Taviana?

    Yeah that's very true, but due to the fact that this isn't going to be public and a small userbase its not that hard to get hold off. But i understand where your coming from. Even if he DMCAs the one from the steam workshop someone else will upload it again as always been the case.
  5. BAScarface

    Anyone intrested in Liberation on Taviana?

    Taviana is already on A3. That can be found on the steam workshop and multible other places.
  6. BAScarface

    Anyone intrested in Liberation on Taviana?

    Forgot to include we are thinking that we will start around wensday/thursday once everything is set in place.
  7. BAScarface

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Ran into a little issue while editing my liberation mission on Taviana, Seems that the ammo boxes I get the recycle menu but all it shows for each resource is scalar nan. Tried it with the default ones as well as switching back to the rhs ones. Still the same results. Here's a screen shot Anyone know what the issue might be?
  8. How To Download The Required Mods: 1. Download all Steam mods by subscribing to the pack 2. Download any additional mods listed on the google doc. 3. Move all the independent mods to your ArmA 3 directory. If they are in a compressed file, drag the file that starts with an '@' sign, for example: "@JSRS4APEX" 4. Launch ArmA 3 through Steam and go to the 'Mods' section 5. Press the file icon at the top labelled 'Local Mod' and find the independent mods you downloaded 6. Select each mod and load them into the mod list. Ensure that they are in the 'Loaded Mods' category 7. Now select each workshop item you downloaded from the Steam workshop collection. Yes, all 27 of them! 8. This is optional - at the top right of the 'Mods' page on the launcher, you will find a container named 'PRESET'. Save this collection of loaded mods as a preset. We recommend naming it something memorable like 'UK Warfare Liberation - Taviana'
  9. We have started up a liberation server on Taviana ported by Myself and Nocturnal. Custom scripts as well as a neat spawn zone! Come check us out! Features: Sling Loading Fuel Script(You actually now have to refuel!) AI Spawning script(Para dropping AI from a helo!) Custom Spawning Area Lots of mods Mods all included in the build menu Teamspeak: Mods: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gqK5i1ysvVYu_Kz2UiZy1GjhiC0AIbHmySX-4BV_EW4/edit# Server IP: Scar
  10. BAScarface

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Begun porting Liberation to Taviana still a few things left to do but all in all seems to be working pretty decently. Although i have run into a little issue where the build menu outline of the vehicle you want to spawn dosn't actually show with anything. Even was the same with the fob so i couldnt actually tell which direction it was facing etc as all i got for anything is a green circle. Anyone know what might be the issue why it's not showing the outline of vehicles or the fob as it does it with everything from the build menu. Spawning still works though