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  1. Any idea how I could prevent formation correction @davidoss?
  2. Well this is rather interesting, so i tested a few cases, you are correct, if i move the second heli away it stays put. However if I move the second helo back next to the first one and then spawn myself away from them they both stay. If I add a third one and spawn close two and three take off and hover in formation. With three helo's and spawning myself away they first and second stay and the third takes off. This is some strange happenings, not sure what to make of this haha
  3. I tried the same setup with no mods running and it worked as it should, its definitely one of my mods. Going through now to figure out which one.
  4. Well answers that question, it would appear as though one of the mods I have loaded is causing the issue, thats quite a bummer. Time to go through process of elimination haha
  5. Perhaps this is a mod conflicting with the way it should work, going to unload everything and try this in vanilla. I'll let you know the results.
  6. Your description is exactly how I have it setup, this is why I am confused as to why helo 2 takes off and just hovers in the area.
  7. If I do that then they come up as separate support requests, how would I get two units to move as one support request then?
  8. JimiFigs


    This would be my recommendation, I love this course. You have full control.
  9. So I don't know what I'm doing or not doing but I have this strange thing happening. I'm just starting to learn the editor and am currently fiddling around with support modules and noticed something rather strange, at least to me. So I have placed two Comanche helicopters for helicopter attack support, lets say helo 1 and helo 2. I have helo 1 synced to the support module and helo 2 synced to helo 1. The issue is that when the scenario starts helo 1 does what it should, sits there with the engine off and waits for me to place a support request and then takes off and goes to the coordinates, however helo 2 fires the engines up, takes off and hovers above the base until i call in support at which point it follows helo 1. This happens when using vehicle artillery as well, vehicle one stays put while vehicle two roams around. How do I get them to stay put until I put in a support request?
  10. JimiFigs


    Interesting topic