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  1. Afternoon, I have called a dialog using: I cannot find a way to then close the dialog after a time period has passed. I have experiment with uiNamespace getvariable to no avail - any suggestions? On a 2nd note) when I test serverTime in mp as a host, the serverTime tick down seems to reset for every playable unit I test this against.
  2. Lloyd Dawkins

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    @spunfin Could you give some further guidance to adding custom(modded) classes, I have used your customeclass 1 and the functions weren't able to work. It would be really appreciated, looking to add RHS russia to this pack of scripts :) @Fritz Le Any joy on amending this?
  3. Lloyd Dawkins

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    @spunfin I have been using this pack religiously to make dynamic ai in missions and its great. I have made an Admin GUI which on a button click executes a spawn Ai function, unfortunately The ai won't spawn on a dedicated server, would I need to change the ExecVM to remote Exec and create a function?
  4. @soolie I've been referring to your simplistic but creative vehicle spawning GUI. I have created my own, once I understood what I am doing it was incredibly simplistic, time to move to the more advanced GUI's! I have created a GUI, on the click of a button, I would like a child GUI to appear but then the parent disapears. I would like to keep the parent GUI displayed if possible. My first thought was I could just copy the Parent GUI into the child gui, so when I click the button it essentially brings up both of the GUIs at the same time. Surely there has to be an easier way, I have tried playing around with createdialog & createdisplay, could you advise any quick tips?
  5. Lloyd Dawkins


    Bug Report: Zombie Blacklist area is currently not working in any function, this same is also applicable for 'Safe Zone' Module.
  6. Lloyd Dawkins

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Is this forum still alive? I use Z&D quite religiously, I have come across an issue with the Zombie Deletion Module, regardless of the distance or side present the zombies are being deleted. Has anyone else experienced this or are aware of a resolution? Please note I am using Simulation manager, do they clash?
  7. Lloyd Dawkins

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    Hi Devastor, Both the Key on the server and client side are version 170504, I'm so confused why it's not working.
  8. Lloyd Dawkins

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right thread as I have been trying to find a problem solving one for CBA_a3. There was a mismatch of CBA via Steam & Armaholic, so my dedicated server was suggesting he versions weren't correct. I ensured Steam version client side was updated, then copied those files and placed onto the server, I am still getting a version mismatch and red dot on the server screen. Any help would be much appreciated!