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  1. It seems that someone (who isn't you) has uploaded.
  2. It sounds great. Do you have a plan to upload it to Wrokshop?
  3. Hello firewill I'm first time to this forum. Your work is awesome, I'm enjoying it so much. Today, I found some new script commands related to the armament of aircraft added to development branch of Arma3. It's interesting and useful for your script. So, I came to introduce it. (You may already know...) triggerAmmo It triggers munition, so it will work the same as "munition setDamage 1;". missileTarget & missileTargetPos These returns weapon's target (Object) or target position (Position in ASL). setMissileTarget & setMissileTargetPos These overwrite weapon's target (Object) or target position (Position in ATL). I haven't yet test these commands whether it works on GBUs or CBUs. But, I thought these commands are useful for your FCS script of AWS addon. Perhaps, BI will improve current missile guidance system. These commands are available on current development branch, v1.93 of ARMA3. I hope this post helps your work.
  4. michy_REV19

    [ArG]Replacing AirsoftGuns

    Today, I joined this project from Japan TRI Gaming XD