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  1. Crashed after roughly 2h 30min Well, I'll have a 2nd go, if I get 1 crash per 2h of game-play, I'd settle for that any day of the week!
  2. Breakthrough? Playing for over 2 hours now, no crash. • I've deleted my Arma 3 profile once again due to the fact that A3Launcher was set to run my secondary profile. So now the game has just one profile, the main one. • I'm using the build 1.66.139938 Profiling (v8), which is the latest at the time of this posting. • I've switched to JEMalloc_bi. • Switched my RAM clock back to 2400Mhz 11-13-13-30, stock voltage. Will report back if I crash again at some point, or if this turns out to be stable.
  3. • Updated Arma 3 to 1.66.139938 Profiling build • I started playing with RAM in BIOS. As stated in the first post I got HyperX Beast 2400. I usually use the XMP 2400 Profile, stock voltage, CAS 11-13-13-30. For this test I lowered it to 2133Mhz, stock voltage, CAS 10-11-10-28 (it runs stable in any test). With this setting I got a crash in the Eden editor after about 15min, the message was a bit different from the usual error "0xffffffff", but I didn't screenshot it. However here are the dump files: Dump files: bidmp dropbox link mdmp dropbox link rpt dropbox link I've updated the 1st post to reflect this last post.
  4. Another sad update: • Tried deleting my Arma profile. • Added the "use large pages" into Windows registry for Arma3. • Tried using Process Lasso Gaming mode (running out of ideas...) And again, I got a CTD within 30-40min of game-play... Dump files: bidmp dropbox link mdmp dropbox link rpt dropbox link I've updated the first post to correspond to this one. I don't know what can be uncovered by going through the dump files, but if a CTD issue can be somewhat pinpointed I hope someone will look at the many I've posted sometime this year... no rush...
  5. That's what I thought, but the unrealistic part of me latched onto that idea, causing a touch of euphoria. That double, harsh "Nope" from the two of you was such a buzz killer... :D
  6. Could I join servers that run on 1.66 if I run the 1.67 branch?
  7. Could you help me out here a bit more? Isn't the 64-bit platform only for the 1.67 dev branch? Is there a way to run 1.66 in 64bit or are you referring to that old workaround by - correct me if I'm wrong - Fred?
  8. Kreinzer

    Please fix the Memory Crashing

    You could be onto something, but I've only purchased Apex during the Christmas sale, so I haven't logged onto a Chernarus server or in the editor. But overall, 1.66 patch on Tanoa has been a thorn in my side... If you're interested in reading about my pain in-detail, check here.
  9. I just had a 1h 10min run before crashing to desktop. Same error as in the screenshot posted above. Dump files: bidmp dropbox link mdmp dropbox link rpt dropbox link • Firstly, I reverted back to 1.66.139792 profiling Arma3.exe from the 1.66.139792 performance Arma3.exe (performance executable was advised on the Exile forum). • Secondly, I find this hard to believe, but could it be that I need more RAM? I have 8gb, (2 x 4gb HyperX Beast 2400). The reason I wonder is that I've turned off almost all processes that aren't required for Arma 3, which saved me 500-1000mb RAM (I'll double check once I try this again). I killed Malwarebytes, Skype, Nokia PC suite + other Nokia processes, anything Apple related, anything Samsung Mobile related, anything Hewlett Packard related, didn't have Chrome open, and minor other processes were also killed. According to Process Explorer I had ~5.5gb available physical memory before running Arma 3. Could this be the reason for the added stability, and my 1h 10min long session? Bear in mind that I didn't manage to run Arma 3 Exile for longer than 45min for ages without crashing to desktop. Again, any further help would be much appreciated. If I manage to keep CTDs to 1 per 1 hour of game-play, that would be bearable, but ideally I'd settle for 1 CTD every 2-3hours like I managed to achieve back in 1.64. Updated Dump files in the 1st post
  10. Just finished the MemTest, passed all 48tests 100%, Kingston's XMP 2400mhz profile. I did get a warning "RAM may be vulnerable to high frequency row hammer bit flips". But as I understand that is nothing to worry about, judging from the various forum posts I read on this issue. From MemTest's site regarding the issue:
  11. It's not only on one server. It occurs basically on any Exile server, CCG too. Though I haven't played on CCG to test extensively atm. At this point, I'm more or less leaning towards thinking that I have an issue with one or more mods. But in posting here with all of the dump files I'm hoping that I might get help in narrowing down the problem and what can I do to fix it, while still being able to play on my favorite servers. I'm about to run MemTest and perhaps do a bit of tweaking in BIOS. Atm my HyperX Beast is set to its' XMP-2400 profile. I thought about trying 2133 MHz with 10-11-10-28 timings on stock voltage (1.65v), or to get rid of the overclock and just go with 1333mhz for testing purposes. Running out of ideas :D
  12. Uninstalled all mods from the official Arma 3 launcher. Deleted the remnants from the workshop "content" folder. Rebooted PC Downloaded mods required on the server where I currently play (The Walking VoiNoob) Verified Arma 3 with the 166.139792 Profiling build. Tried the Performance build exe from Dwarden's thread 166.139792 Crash after ~20min of gameplay. Error screenshot: Dump files: bidmp dropbox link mdmp dropbox link rpt dropbox link Any help would be greatly appreciated, Mail
  13. Ok, without any mods I ran YAAB for about 1h and played the Tanoa campaign for another 45min, then just idled in the main menu, and no crash. So what's the next step? Aside from deleting all of the mods and reinstalling them? Any advice?
  14. I don't play single or multiplayer missions, just Exile. Ran the game again, another crash after ~35min Launch parameter changed: -nopause -world=empty -skipIntro -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi Everything from the link, regarding Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at AB0C89CA done. Verified all of the mods and game cache. Dump files: bidmp link mdmp link rpt link Note that I didn't turn off all of the mods in this test. I ran the mods required for playing on The Walking VoiNoob, just to see if the changes I made would work. If someone could take a look and maybe find something useful in the dump files, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!! For the 2nd test I'll run YAAB continuously with no mods. If the crash occurs, it should occur within 1h.
  15. Just woke up, it's 7:25am. I will try this right now and will report back. As for the -nologs parameter... /facepalm :D I'll fix that now too.