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    Placing Objects on a table

    Let's say you have a desk and you want to spawn a laptop on top of that. You can use the command 'attachTo.' It works like a charm. 'AttachTo' will freeze an object in its set position, that's why you need to set modify the 'z' coordinate according to your desk height (distance from its center position.) laptop setposATL [getPosATL desk select 0, getPosATL desk select 1, ((getPosATL desk select 2)+0.83) ]; laptop attachTo [desk];
  2. @gc8: Never thought it could be this simple. Thank you!
  3. Hi! I wonder if anyone can help me with this one: I'd like to count the arguments that a script is called with. For example, this one has 3 arguments. [x,y,z] ExecVM "script.sqf"; Is there a way to do that all? Thank you!
  4. Same issue here. No errors in the .rpt file, no differences in addons. On the computer I created the mission, all the playable units show up, on any another computer none shows up. Mystery.