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  1. i'd like to know this as well, i'd like to be able to make the AI use the built in languages to say basic words.
  2. Here's an idea i'd like to see added with the Jets DLC: Anti-Radiation Missiles. (Yes it's a real thing). These missiles use passive radar to hone in on thier target and are often employed by ground attack aircraft such as the A-10 and Su-25T to eliminate enemy Anti-Aircraft Radars and SAM Sites. It would also be nice to be able to track basic radio signals (precicely for vehicles, imprecisely for ground units like only accurate to within 50m) and have the option to enable/disable radios, GPS etc.
  3. sorry to necro a 4 year old thread, but i just found an alternate solution to this and had to share, because this is the first search result i find when i go looking for this issue. here's the core of the code: crew SDV allowGetIn false; // <-- This is the important bit, it prevents the AI (and player(s)) from being ordered to mount vehicles. { unassignVehicle _x; _x action ["Eject",vehicle _x]; } forEach crew SDV; notes/suggestions/caveats: 1. you may want to zero out the SDVs velocity and turn it's engine off to keep it from floating away. 2. you may want to consider locking the SDV to prevent a player from remounting it. 3. don't forget to call "allowGetIn true" for each member of the group later if you want them to remount the SDV or other vehicles. 4. if "allowGetIn true" is called with the group in the vacinity of the SDV, they will remount it automatically. 5. do not call the code while the SDV is moving at high speeds as it may kill members of the crew (if this needs to be done, it's reccomended that you use setPosition with a bit of math). 6. Link To allowGetIn documentation (link good As of Jan 2, 2017): https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/allowGetIn
  4. zero_z77

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    great system, here's some possible improvements: 1. detect player(in SP) or host's (in MP) max draw distance and use that to set the activation distance. 2. optimize the system by factoring in a player's velocity vector to try and predict which units might need to be unfrozen next. This will be useful when players are driving or flying at high speeds, not so much if they're on foot though. 3. allow for movement when units are frozen, and why not allow "simulated" combat to take place between inactive units.
  5. zero_z77

    Spatial Awareness Improvements

    normally i play with most of the training wheels off (no map content, HUD set to fade in/out, no waypoint markers, enemy labels etc.) so i actually have to land nav and look around. but next time i play with my buddy, i'll have to give this a try it looks pretty neat. it would be nice way to reorganize the context command menu into something a little faster and more responsive.