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  1. so, when i launch arma 3 tools its all fun and games, but when i try to launch the terrain builder, or the object builder for that matter, then the program just crash to desktop. i tried validating, and every time there is one file that failes, as if it selfdestructs on launch of somthing. anyone know a fix? thanks in advance
  2. is this the mod thats adds all the plane radio ambience?
  3. Hjunajsv

    Faces of War [WW2]

    nice work, carry on!
  4. Hjunajsv

    Military Aviation

    So, will you add f-5, f-104, sabres and thunderjets? nice work anyway
  5. Hjunajsv

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    hey. there seems to be a bug with that boat in the socom category(that one with four guns and all the seats). in our last zeus session, after a player exited it, the player would turn invisible for zeus, and would be seen by zeus as still in the boat. if the player enterd another vehicle afterwards, the same thing would happend, only in that vehicle instead, so it basicly breaks the player when not in a vehicle, after using it. if i recall correctly, the only way to make it work like it should was if the player went out a very specific way. if the player exited where he stood, he would be forced in again. if he swaped to, i think the driver position, and exited, he would turn invicible.. there was one seet, i think gunner, that allowed him to exit in a working manner. this was early in the session, and he was in a squad led by ai. we had some other mods active, but i think only cba or ace could be conflicting if anyone, as everyone else just adds content, and not game mecanics