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    may not have appropriate permissions

    Thanks so as your support ticket staff told me i tested the solution he sends me round about 4 times in every possible enviroment ( save mode, no other side progs, without antivirus) and this solution does not work. Hello, please try to completely disable/uninstall your antivirus and/or firewall and do the following: 1. Exit Steam. 2. Right-click on Steam icon. 3. Left-click on "Run As Administrator". 4. Right-click on the game in Steam Library. 5. Click on "Properties". 6. Select "Local files" tab and click on "Verify integrity of game cache files" button. 7. Please wait, the process can take several minutes. 8. If the issue persists, reboot your PC and try one more time from step 2. Best regards, Dominik Flandera Bohemia Interactive Maybe you be so kind and inform your Staff issue stands Thanks and have a nice Day
  2. RiotRain

    may not have appropriate permissions

    We are not alone Steam is boiling with that issue and it seems not to hit every user only a few .......... lets see what they will do
  3. RiotRain

    Adding custom objects

    Hmm i read this collection closely and it seems it solve my (no textures in terrainbuilder) Issue quite well. But now i have a problem i build everything quite well and in terrainbuilder it works BUT if i load the @my file with the needed addons in @Myfile/addons the plants don`t get shown in eden editor. In my case i am building a Iland and it is quite far but why ever i cannot get the plants working. I got allowence to use different stuff from a few builder and tryed it with different kinds of plants at last i tryed brg_Africa because Variable and icebreakr told me to now my problem is The message Arma 3 Prompt is "Cannot load a3/brg_africa/brg_cocunutpalm5.p3d" In p drive it is where it should be a3 folder i also tryed to repack a3 folder to a pbo and set it in my active arma directory ..... even this don`t work. Now my question I did everything like toturials told me and addons like nam or pandora work without changing something in my arma mainfile system (4 shure i have to pack the addon in and i did) But why i cannot get my own mod use the bgr_afrika pbo i am totally clueless Anny ideas from the community because i am working on this problem since 2 month now Thanks and best wishes Ps: If someone wanna be so nice possibility of Teamviewer and ts is given so maybe its faster or easier to show or to explain if you wanna help plz pm me