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  1. h1ght - Chris

    [R3F] Logistics

    is it possible to merge the towing integration with dudas towing cable into r3f too? i mean both ways can survive. i found that someone forked it on github but im dumb yet to get it to work fast. https://github.com/Djzonk/R3FAdvLog
  2. h1ght - Chris

    Mogadishu Map v2

    runways/roads in the base covered with grass and flowers, tried to find object name of the grass. doenst work. cursortarget, cursorsobject, nearobjects doenst work to find the name of it.
  3. so there is no new/updated list of mod compabilities? im new to the arma franchise and somehow i love it. nevertheless. its a fucking pain in the ass to use multiple mods. except cup/rhs/ace/acre, ive to read up which mods, can work with other mods. so i will ask, and someone has to answer. cup/rhs work with ace/cba and acre together so far. ive read, that NIarms got compabitily patches on steam too. so have i to use both? or jsut on of them, and ive to search for a ace compability patch too? and which other mods work with ace/cba and those other mods too? ive read that R3f advanced towing will deactivate ace logistics somehow. questions, more questions, but a lack of informations. mods should unpinn that topic and someone needs to create a new one, that get updates.... and i hate, that the arma community is sooo seperated. steam discussions, BI forums and thousends of other boards.............