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  1. Wait NVM I found out what I did wrong I thought the hangars at Altis airport (the big one) was a mil objective not a civ so there was no hq placed lol. Anyway I have another question. Is there a set of conditions to use so I can detect when AlLiVE is saving? I want to disable VCOM during the process to speed it up. Or if anyone could suggest a less resource intensive way to get spawned profiles to us Arty and mortars that'd be great. Is it faster to save in War Room btw?
  2. Hi I have a problem with fixed military logistics. Sometimes OPCOM doesn't (re)capture its own logistics objective after loading from save (was owned at time of saving). When I check the objectives in the tablet it is unassigned while other less important objectives are. Aside from hacky solutions like placing a few squads at objective in editor and adding profiling command in init (to make sure they are spawned at location even after save loading) or placing a custom objective with a really high priority (I don't want enemy to make a bee line for the hub every single time), is there a way to make sure objective ownership is the same as at the time of saving when I load?
  3. I've been playing around with alive for the past few days (excellent mod btw) and last night I got to witness my A-10 CAS request exploding on the tarmac because MACC accepted a request and decided to teleport a jet into my CAS' taxi path while it was going at full speed. At least I got a good laugh out of it before the APCs it was supposed to take out shot me to sh*t. But anyway it got me thinking, would it be possible to integrate the same/similar teleport functions into the Player CAS module and some how coordinate it with MACC to prevent these accidents? This should also allow us to store our fixed wing CAS in hangars and get them to actually launch off(and land on?) USS Freedom while the player is on deck.
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    There seems to be a problem with the voices. For some reason the player will use the proper voices provided but the ai uses the american ones (whether OPFOR/BLUFOR). I've done some testing and mods don't seem to affect this. I tried RHS russian units and they seem to work fine. Might be something wrong with your config.
  5. dodecahedron

    MRT Accessory Functions

    Update: I found out that my thermal problem only affects the arsenal and only the part where you get to shoot the dummies. For some reason normal game-play is unaffected. *shrugs* At least it works when it counts.
  6. dodecahedron

    MRT Accessory Functions

    I was able to replicate this a few times with/without mods but CBA and this. In all instances deactivating mrt acc changed behaviour back to vanilla. please note was. I decided reload all my mods and test out the SMA gear while awaiting a response only to find it decided to fix itself. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it stays this way. Thanks anyway EDIT---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's happened again. It seems to be very whimsical. NB this is happen even if only MRT ACC and CBA is installed. deactivating this mod seems to be the only sure way to guarantee vanilla behaviour. The only way I can use this mod with thermals it seems is to keep restarting and check in the VA. Weird considering none of the mods I have including this one should alter thermal modes. Guess I'm not going to be doing any SF missions with this mod until a fix is available.
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    MRT Accessory Functions

    Hello I have a weird problem I don't know if this has happened to anyone else (well not according to google anyway). When I have this mod installed, the white hot and black hot thermals seem to be swapped. The player model and weapon is unaffected however. so say i equip envg-ii from apex. The thermal vision will now appear to be in black hot instead of white hot except for the player. The nightstalker and tws scopes are also affected (will enter white hot first unlike vanilla). I've tried uninstalling all mods but this and CBA but problem still persists. Anyone else encountered this?