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  1. well.....just had the same guy enter a game.....he ruined it for everybody with his bot
  2. It's "Janitor" something but didn't write it down... lol, j.k. ----no, usually I get so mad I don't notice name and leave....
  3. ...this is really annoying.... he is not on the servers all the time....but when he is, it gets boring really quick, lol.
  4. Played again today....just noticed that the error message when exiting the game shows the exact same memory location as yesterday when I took the first snapshot of the error dialogue.
  5. I have a screenshot...but don't seem to find a simple way of attaching a small image here... something that should be simple btw...
  6. Check your developers, somebody is selling the code to hackers.
  7. Can somebody explain....geez, every update goes in the wrong direction... No wonder why....
  8. Some windows memory error every time Project Argo closes.
  9. KeshCGY

    Feedback Thread

    Found again the one shot killer.... he kills 4 enemies in sequence... just next to Main.... how funny... really entertaining
  10. KeshCGY

    Feedback Thread

    Really boring to have to use 15 bullets from behind a guy, all over his upper body just to kill him.... and yet, there are some guys killing with one shot in every situation, no matter if close combat, in the middle of total chaos, with everyone shooting in all directions in tight group, etc... looks like hacked to me...
  11. KeshCGY

    Feedback Thread

    Not sure if it has been mentioned: Make the automatic respawn option a regular and simple CHECKBOX-----to have a "play" little triangle is confusing, I never know when it is turned on or off.... What is the "I'm ready" button for? It doesn't seem to do anything....I just spam it for the fun of it.... Once you are past the "I'm ready" button screen, another screen shows "waiting for players"...???????...what for? we were already in a lobby!!!!! We either wait in the lobby or start the game.....that simple...... oh....and by the way, another button shows up "continue"....what for????? The first time I was just sitting on that white screen until I noticed the "continue" button......it serves no purpose in my opinion (as I already was in a lobby and already spammed the "I'm ready" button) Somehow, after I decide to cancel a mission (normally when I'm tired of useless grenades, or the guy killing with headshots in every situation), there is one point where the screen changes to the one shown when the game is about to start ----even when I'm trying to exit----
  12. KeshCGY

    Feedback Thread

    Grenades are useless, don't kill anyone unless they explode right at their feet.....tired of them... Grenade launcher is useless, doesn't kill anyone....no matter if the explosion happens 12 inches from the person Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot....doesn't kill anyone unless you hit them in the head..... Maybe hacked already....some players kill with one shot no matter situation, close combat, chaos all over, they always kill (yeah, I'm not a good player but there are no players like the ones I've seen) In summary....not too entertaining.....the idea is good though.... Lots of more fun in other similar games (yes, even Call of Duty)