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  1. Alpha_Force

    Feedback Thread

    Thoughts & Ideas - Project Argo (Prototype) After I played Project Argo for already 9 hours I see huge potential for it to become a nice Competitive Shooter. The missions are well designed and the possibilitys to capture an objective are endless. In my opinion Clash is the best game mode, because it combines skill (Weapon Handling) with the need to think tactically. You cant just run to the objective and try to capture it, you have to work with your Teammates. I have some ideas how, in my opinion, the game mode could be even better. Clash Ideas: Maybe have 2 different difficulty settings. Normal could have all HUD Parts in it (With the Crosshair and the ammo count) and Hard or Hardcore could maybe be the game mode where you really have to follow your Instincts because you would have no Crosshair or ammo counts. Weapon classes: Maybe have Weapon Classes that can be modified by your self. You could add new weapons, maybe take some more from Arma. It would be nice if there would be some more scopes for the existing Weapons. Maybe Reduce the time by 2 Minutes, it would force the attacking team to act faster and think more tactically, to execute a good Attack all in all it would change the pace of the game a little bit Link: In my eyes it´s more like a Team Deathmatch mode. It is just to easy to kill someone, there is no teamplay everyone fights for them self. Take the example of the MX: You spawn in -> You run to one of the 3 Objectives that you have to capture -> You run to Objective M you see an enemy, align your Crosshair and shoot... If you shoot the enemy first it is nearly 90% guaranteed that you will kill him, without giving the enemy a chance to react. I guess there is some balancing needed Raid: This game mode reminds me somehow of Rainbow Six, Haven´t played it enough to give a opinion on that but I will make a post about this later. General: Maybe add a Competitive Rank system like in CS or H1Z1 where you can play with people with your Skill Level Use the Units system from Arma to make premade Teams, to clash against each other. With is it is easier to organise Tournaments. (Example: Faceit CS) Use the Steam Friends list so people could play in a lobby together. Thees are just a few ideas, with or without them is game is already really good. To be honest most of the games if´ve played that are in a Prototype satge arent as far as good as this game is. Have a nice day and thank you for reading this. With kind regards, Niklas Schinzel
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    Feedback Thread

    I agree ^^
  3. Alpha_Force

    Malden Screenshots.

    To be honest, the new Map looks really nice ^^ Even with the Altis buildings the Island looks alive and breathing
  4. Alpha_Force

    Feedback Thread

    I think it is just a little to early to release a game like this in VR. The thing is if you want to have people play together (non VR User and VR user) you need to change a lot, you have to care about the balancing (which is hard i guess because VR user move more slowly and may have a bigger input lag than non VR player) and the other thing is you have to care about the compatibility.