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  1. 4bZurd

    Extended Base Mod

    Good call on the key, fopr some reason it was missing from the server. So a quick reinstall of the addon, and everything works beautifully! Thanks!
  2. 4bZurd

    Extended Base Mod

    So, uhm, for some reason Extended Base mods kinda works. We got a dedicated server running Exile.Altis Extended_Base_Mod is added, and the vendors have the items. Items can be purchased and put in backpack (or car or whatever). But when I go to our Territory and try to place the structures, they don't show up. I get the construction GUI, and it looks ok, apart from the fact that I can't see the structure and thus can't palce it anywhere. Anyone have some insight?
  3. 4bZurd

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Ah, thanks. I kinda guessed as much,. but wanted to be sure :)
  4. 4bZurd

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hey, Have dedicated server at Nitrado, running Exile. Want to use DMS with this server, but have run in to some small problems. I'm going to try to resolve these myself, but need some help. In the instructions for setting up DMS, there's a section for BattlEye Filters. The instances refer to lines starting with "7 exec" and "7 createVehicle". These lines do not exist in my scripts.txt file. In fact, all lines start with "1". In addition, the closest I have to "7 exec" is "1 execVM", and for "7 createVehicle" the closest is "1 createVehicleLocal". the little programming/scripting I know tell me these lines are not the same. Should I edit the existing lines to include the addons? Should I add the "7 exec" and "7 createVehicle" lines, and then add at the end of those? Anything else? And just so there's as little misunderstanding as possible: We are no using BattlEye on the server.