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    I guess we looking at the next BIS employee here. Awesome MOD
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    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I have not been playing Arma 3 for a while now. Started Airsoft...Anyway. I have to say thanks for the free content. I haven't bought the second DLC package yet. I feel there is no rush and I am perhaps in this love hate relationship with Arma 3. Whom am I to judge right...that said I think the Laws of War...seems ass about face. At the end of all this death and shooting post campaigns-Statis, Altis, Apex. We have "No take into account civilians". Yet when the great island hopping campaigns started. We should have had Geneva convention considerations. It just seems a bit late now to worry about people. More Civilian related missions in the older campaigns would have been better...maybe? Said Helo needs to pick up said beleaguered babushkas as they facing starvation and death squads. Drop MRE packages over grid coordinates. Capture alive said war lord to face trial in the Hague. The usual caveat is why no women. Why no kids. Towns lack life. Basically, I just feel Orange/ AKA Laws of War would have been a nice segway into "War in an Urban area and its consequences". Any sort of campaign to save civilians or prevent ethnic cleansing. Human shields. I would have been... thanks I will take two of those please. I can almost bet shooting the Civies nets you no sort of results in older missions or missions made in 3den. I mean are there even civilians in the older missions. Can't remember. That's my point. At this stage, it's late in the game to expect these. The last DLC is Tanks. And rumor has it they busy with Arma 4. They not going to put man power on any further Civvies AI development. Pity though I feel then Laws of War would have been more appreciated if it did just that...added the human factor/ hearts and minds. Likely these were thought out but I assume due to time constraints they couldn't do it. Perhaps this is what Marek Spanel wanted when he was talking about many moons ago about consequences regards wars affecting people/ Red Cross. I mean kudos...really BIS/ Marek for donating cash towards the Red Cross. And the irony is the old devil may care attitude in me is rather give it to the Peshmerga. Because as the character in Rambo 4 said. God didn't save you. We did. Realistically we need more squirters then Rules of War. Because ain't anybody really "worried" about any law of war and decency. Sorry. That's the war I see in the 21st Century... Human life is cheap. VR with no visceral blown off limbs, head cutting, and ethnic cleansing seems even for a War game tame.