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    Danish, male, GFX, horrible at scripts and apart of GTA Altis Life.
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    Danish, male, GFX, horrible at scripts and apart of GTA Altis Life.
  1. Right, i've been trying to figure this out but I think it may be impossible. The situation is the following: I've got a script to create a "dog" unit via the Debug Console: "alsatian_black_f" createunit [position player, cursortarget, "dog1 = this"]; I want another player to turn into said dog. The only command I know of that switches a player into another unit is the "selectplayer". The other player does not have access to the debug console, however I do. If I wanted to be the dog I would simple put: selectplayer dog1; But for the life of me I cant find a way to turn the other player/friend into said dog. I was thinking something with like "cursortarget selectplayer dog1;" would work, however the way that the selectplayer command is constructed it wont allow it. Is it even possible to turn another player than yourself into a unit without the use of anything but the Debug Console. Take into account that there are several other players, but only 1 needs to turn into the dog.
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    BI unannounced game (VR)

    It looks very interesting thats for sure.
  3. Thanks this was very helpful
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    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Hey! I am having difficulty saving a new image I made. I upload the image, but when I click save at the bottom to override the old image it says "an error has occured".