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  1. That's great thank you. If it's not too cheeky, I would like to ask one more thing. I've placed AI in set locations, but they all have default ARMA loadouts. How can I change these to that of an "Exile" loadout? InstaDoc instead of First Aid Kit, food inplace of grenades... that sort of thing. Because I can not find those items within the editor.
  2. Thank you for that. I some how completely missed to obvious "Lock" section in the attributes ^_^ Regrading the creates, is that the only option within the editor without scripts, to just empty them? Because I'm pretty sure players will just tow or lift them with a heli.
  3. Hi all, as said above, I am completely new to the editor. I've spent the past week poking around in the editor to see what I can do, also reading and watching a few super basic tutorials. My questions: I current have a server running, so I decided to try to make a small custom area of an airfield. I've been placing objects and AI, getting everything to look great, but I'm having issues with a few things that I'm hoping someone can help me with please. My server has a few custom areas and objects around the map that I installed using a very nice addon I found, but I would like to move a few of these objects. I have tried loading up my mission file and opening the editor, which loads the mission but none of the custom areas and objects are visible. Example: There is a little aircraft workshop on an airfield with some AI working on planes. But in the editor, the airfield is emtpy. Can someone talk me through how I open my mpmission file in the editor so these additions are visible?? I can place vehicles, with and without AI, but I don't know how to make the vehicles just static objects, just for decoration, not for players to use or interact with. How can I do this? Gear creates, the airlift creates covered in netting. Again I've placed a few of these for looks, but they are Full of loot... tonnes of it. How can I empty these and again make them so players can't interact, use or move them? Really appreciate any help. Thanks everyone
  4. DeepEuphoria

    How to change AI skill now?

    Thank you, I was struggling to find this too.
  5. DeepEuphoria

    Tanoa high resolution map

    Nice work, good effort.
  6. DeepEuphoria

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    Hi duda123, thank you for the update. But I believe I have found a bug with v2.1.1. The huge Mohawk heli can not lift a Ural, but the much smaller Huey can lift a Ural :huh: This seems a little strange as the Mohawk is 2-3x the size of Huey. Any idea on how I could fix this please??? Thank you