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  1. revolt-decoy

    Taget Acquiered but NO ATGM LOCKON

    Thankyou for atempting to help but this is the same blinded response that has been given to many others in previous posts since around 2017. I have been using the Kayman and Blackfoot for ground and air targeting for many years. Please dont turn this thread inta a teach me how to use Arma scenario. Let me expand on the first line of my OP, "other online players are not affected". Initialy I had an Admin "SaintIVTune" of the Eazyas servers perform tests with me side by side using a Kayman and Blackfoot. He was able to target and Lock on to the exact same target, at the same time as I was trying to, the differance was my lockon was not working and his was. This is a ingame key selection, setting or other hardware driver issue. I have not updated any Drivers or installed any new Hardware around this time. and its not a Mod issue as it was tested PLAIN VANILA Arma 3 fresh out of the box with NO MODS INSTALLED. Keep in mind I have had no problems like this in my 10,000+hrs of playing Arma 3.
  2. Around September 8th 2023, I found that I can acquire targets pressing "T", but I am unable to lock onto the target with ATGM or other missiles, "other online players are not affected". Googled problem, this has happened to many without any apparent resolution. One thing I noticed is when I fire the missile without lock it shoots upward toward the sky, normaly I recall it would fire toward crosshair. I will focus on the Kayman and its ATG Missiles for this example. The error occurs both Online and in the Editor. Video is from testing in Editor, I have set up a few enemy vehicles North of Main Airfield "Altis". I jump in the chopper, Toggle Radar ON and Manual Fire I switch to ATG Take off and FP ZOOM, you can see the targets appear as dots on the HUD. I acquire the target by pressing "T", a box with corners appears around target. I dont get "LOCKING ON" or LOCKED ON" text or Diamond over box. The Targets Vehicles are on a hill unobstructed and appear on Radar as Solid White Squares. I mess mashing T and R while panning over targets etc.. My attempts to resolve: September 8th 1. create new profile, still not working. 2. I deleted my 2 Arma profile folders in Documents, "Arma 3" & "Other Profiles". still not working. 3. I uninstalled Arma from Steam and performed a reinstall 140GB. The next morning the same thing. NOTE: All of my keys are default Arma3, on previous initial install I choose Apex Keybinds, but missile lock worked with this. After reinstall I did not get the normal initial setup like choose keyboard layout etc All my keys remain the same but had to re-add my joystick. September 9th 1. I did a full wipe of Steam and all games. 2. I reinstalled Steam and Arma3 "VANILA" no mods. still no good. 3. Did a test in offline Editor and still same problem. NO MODS, CLEAN INSTALL Overnight I DL all the MODS etc.. This is a link to a Youtube Video reproducing the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb9NTrSpMxA&ab_channel=Decoy%27sIngamemoments This is the exact youtube Title if you dont want to click on the link and search for it yourself. "Arma 3 Vehicle Target Acquisition - NO ATGM Lockon"
  3. revolt-decoy

    Targeting improvements

    to start in battle situations IFF is one sided, battle zones are no fly zones, friendly targets identify themselves while all unidentified contacts should be represented as hostile.
  4. revolt-decoy

    Targeting improvements

    Locking beyond vis under normal circumstances would not be an issue, but mod devs like Sa-matra King of the Hill, should have the option to toggle what is suitable for their mod, particularly if new options are added.
  5. revolt-decoy

    Targeting improvements

    Here is a vid showing incorrect target identification, Gray triangle, this is a common occurrence, I turned to identify target that was spotted from our spawn direction, behind me. I immediately from 0:01 panned up/down, while spamming T to try and get a lock on, but the target was not visible until about 1000-1500m still showing gray triangle well after becoming visible. If I could get a lock on or see the jet, I could put shots down range forcing the jet to break off. https://youtu.be/mSRigSLWo0w I believe the damage issue might be ok as this vid, was prior to the fuel leak patch.The biggest issue ATM is the targeting draw and lock on distance, not being able to see/target and fire a shot at oncoming jets.
  6. revolt-decoy

    Targeting improvements

    xD.. In that vid, I was in gunners seat to start with. I was aware an Air target was there, and i was trying to Identify it, but i could not sight or lock onto it "AT ALL"! xD, It is realistic, I love it when people who have no clue, pull this card.. then when supported with real life facts, rebutt it with but its a futuristic simulator so current facts are irrelevant and we can make up what we want.. But lets go with some real life facts.. The a-10 Warthog uses a 30mm GAU-8 gatling gun, although the round has an effective range over 6000m, once inside a flying plane the effective range is reduced to under 1500m due to platform stability and dispersion. Just like the Warthog the tigress/cheetah are not fictional vehicle's, based on the English "Marksman SPAAG" or the Finnish ItPsv 90 or BMPT-72, they are equipped with the Oerlikon 35mm twin cannon. round mm velocity range effective GAU-8 A10 warthog 30x173 3250ft/s 6000m+ 1500m Oerlikon 35mm Tigris 35x228 3850ft/s 6500m+ 4000m The Titan AA is a fictional missile but most modern Surface to Air Missiles utilise proximity detonated continuous rod and or directed blast warheads, a single missile is 80%+ fatal even to the Warthog. Tigris Radar: Thermal imaging/targeting: Here is product brochure for a small compact M7 thermal targeting camera advertising a working range 35km, and detection ranges of up to 45km.. https://www.x20.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/SPI_M7_DATASHEET_REV3_2_VEHICLE.pdf So do we work with current stats or futuristic stats? xD, you state you dont even play the game so why respond? Perhaps you enjoy trolling.
  7. revolt-decoy

    Targeting improvements

    1. ??? no fail gun destroyed, what do you mean with that comment??? 2. This was done to show that tigris AA missiles are a piece of shit, and that I would have had more luck shooting the jet with a TRG! I take it you fly wipeouts?...
  8. revolt-decoy

    Targeting improvements

    Its very simple, Arma is intended to be a simulator, but it is far from real life. You have 2 gameplay modes in this thread; 1. Arma full map battle simulation 2. Game Mod, KOTH, Life, Exile, Epoch etc.... I think BIS is already aware of this, but if not, this is a fact! ARMA WOULD BE DEAD IN THE WATER, IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE GAME MODS! Oh and your DLC's are pay to win as well as killing Tanoa. My complaint is Mod related, particularly for "King Of The Hill" To fix the JET/Wipeout fix the tigris/cheetah AA, thermal, radar and armament. I and many other players have given up using AA against the Wipeout, and given up playing most game Mod's that utilise AA and Wipeouts. RADAR: Jets that are 1000m + above you, Vehicle Radar reports them on the outer edge or as being 3km + away. Radar shows enemy vehicles/jets as friendly (GREEN) or (GRAY) then turn red once the vehicle is within 1500m and in most cases after Jet has already opened fire on you. Target Lock "T" in most cases fails with no lock on until well within 1500m, FFS. Jets and choppers can horizon spam "T", locking onto vehicles beyond their visible range??? Thermal: Both Normal and Thermal targeting visibility is very low, you can see the target on Radar and search for it, then all you see/hear is a hail of bullets hitting you, the jet then emerges, FFS.. Thermal targeting on Jets and tanks have good visibility beyond 4000m+ Armament: On many occasions I have fired 4 AA missiles at a Jet within 1000m, all 4 detonated on target with no kill... WTF.. FFS.. with most of them its a combo of missiles and cannons with no kill. To quote "The Ferryman" on our forums, advocating the use of tanks to take down Jets.. this must be a REAL LIFE FACT, tanks shooting donw Jets.. The comments are correct, players are posting vid's shooting down Jets with Tanks, Pawnee's and titan AT's, YES wire guiding Titan AT, not AA, all resulting with one shot kills.. WTF!!! Youtube Vid showing Jet already attacking before I could Identify, sight or lock on. You will notice at 0:05 the Jet is 1.5-2km out, I start to spot and hear cannon rounds and the jet apears at 0:06, my gun is disabled by 0:07 and the jet is still reported as unidetified. I tried T spamming while looking up and down.from 0:01, "you can see the info marker on the left move up and down', with no lock, the jet was within 2000m. https://youtu.be/mSRigSLWo0w Firing 4 missiles at a Jet, point blank, at least 3 of them are seen hitting the jet. https://youtu.be/WitDuuTVeYU