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  1. BullskullGER


    So when is the beginning of the new season for september ? ..and the new alliance rankingsystem ? Cheers 😊 Update: okay done !
  2. Hi, after playing the training mode 1 x , i lose the base protecion xy hours. Is it wanted like that ? Cheers 😉
  3. BullskullGER

    Defense attack range

    Hi, i think its a graphical bug ? First time i see that and by the way... WHAT A GREAT UPDATE !! Thanks a lot Bullskull
  4. BullskullGER

    Alliance members wanted:

    Hi, we are looking for alliance members. Join GermanClub ☺
  5. BullskullGER

    Victory points...

    Hallo, they didnt change anything :) ! If you want to get more victory points , you have to attack the big players in the top 20 or top 30 ;-) Cheers BullskullGER