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  1. Amazing work guys! Just out of interest what are you chaps doing for sounds?
  2. Imjin

    World War II Units

    Massi! What a wonderful job you have done here. As a few other members have commented its a great little pack that that allows players to go down new avenues in their mission making. I am suffering a small issue but I am not sure if it is just myself or a mod pack related issue. I have been playing using the British commando units (European style battledress not north African) and have an issue with the back packs. I think it might be an LOD issue but I'm not very technically minded so it could be on my end. If you are less than around 5 to 10 meters from a unit equipped with the British back pack you can see it fine. However if you are further away the backpack turns a very pale grey, almost white color. When patrolling through open terrain or hills it makes the units stand out quite sorely. I am using an Nvidia card with up to date drivers, I have Vsync enabled in game as without it I suffering terrain tearing. If anyone else has experienced this I would love to hear. (I can provide screen shots if you like) Next I have two little suggestions, the first is a plain version of the above mentioned British European battle dress would be wonderful. At the moment they have the commando logo on them, but if it was plain potentially you could role play many different unit from the Commonwealth and even units such as the Poles. Last is the enfield rifle only has 5 rounds before you must reload. If we could have 10 that would be wonderful. Again thank you massi for this great little pack. It has given me a lot of fun the past few weeks.
  3. Thank you very much for your reply sir. I would love to hear from you via pm. Indeed it is inspired from the Battle of the Imjin river. Wonderful looking work on the Colt chaps!
  4. Imjin

    Cromwell Tank

    Great job! I can't wait to give her a whirl!
  5. Hello chaps. Long post incoming. I signed up especially so I could relay my gratitude that finally the Korean war is being recognised. It was a truly brutal war fought by a fledgling UN with 21 countries contributing but more importantly it was a civil war, arguably the most bloody type of war that has left a country and people divided. I have a huge interest particularly in the British commonwealth contribution during the first year of the war. That first year saw armies racing up and down the Korea peninsular. One minute a conquering liberator, the next a conquered army in full retreat. I would love to consider myself an amateur historian on the subject but I don't think I am qualified. Over the years Ive gathered togeather quite a bit of material, literature etc on the subject and I would love to help out in anyway I could. I understand you already have the services of a professional historian and I understand from what I have read that the British commonwealth is not a major priority at the moment. However, when it did come to that time if there is anyway I could help please do not hesitate to pm me. If its only sharing photos to aid in terrain creation or soldiers accounts of equipment load outs I would be happy. I would also happily attempt to research anything else related to the war for the sake of a mod that would do justice for those who took part in the Korean war. I appologise for the ramble its just this truly was a war that had considerable effects in numerous areas. A war of human wave assaults, helicopters, jet fighters and bi planes in the same skies, napalm being recognised for its devastating efficiency, freezing soldiers fighting an enemy they had supported less than a decade earlier over a country most of them couldn't locate on a map until they got there, a civil war, a proxy war, a war of horrors that are difficult to read about let alone imagine witnessing. I am not saying the Korean war was more horrifying than any other, just so little is publicised about it, which in my opinion seems to magnify its effect when you read just a little into it. The recent announcement of Battlefield 1 has sparked a huge interest among the young to study World War 1 for themselves and there is potential here for the same to happen. I'm not trying to pressure you, I appologise if it seems that way, rather I am hoping to convey my appreciation at what you chaps are doing and I hope, if only a little, to invigorate you. I will end this post now (I can hear the cries of "hurrah!" from here!) but Id like to request that you talented few, even if it only reaches a small playable alpha stage, do justice to those brave young men and women by helping people remember the forgotten war in the land of the morning calm.