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  1. I have the Crashing issue allot.I have had it ever since the update before Apex release. It makes it very hard to make missions when this is happening.but then other times it wont crash runs all day. such is life, i deal with it.wish i knew why so i could fix it.
  2. G'day All I'm known as Grunt. I have released a number of missions on steam for Unsung Vietnam. if you all wish to look for Charlie missions i have put all mine in a collection.Grunt Unsung Vietnam charlie I am NOT part of the Unsung team. But i am a big fan of the work they do. I know it is hard for these guys. I would like to thank them for the work they have done. these fellas always put in allot of effort into the work they do. So Please understand this when you are writing to them. I know they may get upset with myself on occasion. i also know that they know, we are all only trying to help. But when they are only hearing Negative stuff it would be frustrating. So lads try to understand. Missions. I have released 6. they are SP and Co oP. I only use Unsung mod. No extra stuff just Unsung mod. so if you have charlie update and Apex. that's all you need. I wouldn't mind playing a mission or 2 with a few lads. Any takers.I am a AU player. I have more missions coming in next few weeks. If you download and play a mission i made and there is an Issue. please let me know on steam Page what the Issue is. Unsung team. thank you for your work. I am looking forward to your next Update. the only reason i play Arma3 is for Unsung at this time. Its not very often in this world you get some thing for nothing. Thank you Unsung team Stay safe Grunt Out
  3. I have a request. Could you Please put the M60 back to its original sound and fire rate. The Fire rate is to high,no recoil,the sound is not an M60.I know this from first hand experience. The M60 is one of the Iconic weapons of Vietnam along with the M16 and AK47 and RPD. I want to hear that Pig squeal. the sound of the pig is why i came to your Mod to start making missions. You had real weapons sounds. It is why i dropped that other Vietnam group. Please please please Grunt
  4. All Good Egg I will work with what i get given. As i have done so many times before, I would like to thank you and team for awesome work. I have not noticed any Issues with my missions. Bar the lighting and AI. I tested one of my missions not long after apex came out. seemed to work fine. the pop ups yeah they have been there ever since Mod came out. so im use to them now.lol. I look forward to the next mod update.
  5. Will the AI work with the Choppers and APC's & planes? Will the choppers fly around map instead of to the roof or Ceiling of map? Will APC's be able to move across the country side? Will the planes fly and be able to do Airstrikes under AI control? Will the Artillery and Air support modules work? Cant wait for your latest release. Keep up the good work.
  6. Scottb613 Cheers mate glad you enjoyed the missions.will make more when the Unsung updates are out. Cheers again Grunt