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  1. VTN Mod Zoom Fix has been published in Steam Workshop. Now you can get updates as fast as possible. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=757779650
  2. UPDATE New actual version now is for VTN 0.4.2 build 1905 Zoom values have been updated. https://yadi.sk/d/D54amOxftzBcN https://www.dropbox.com/s/ln8c765c2ujml98/%40veteranus_1905.rar?dl=0 I apologize for being so late.
  3. I'm getting back to this. The fix will be updated soon.
  4. ayavadim

    sql errors

    Please help, I'm getting this error when trying to open my topic. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191658-zoom-fix-for-vtn-veteran-mod/ mySQL query error: SELECT tg.* ,t.*, t.approved, t.title as topic_title, t.posts as topic_posts, t.last_post as topic_last_post,m.*,p.*,xxx.* FROM core_tags tg LEFT JOIN topics t ON (t.tid=tg.tag_meta_id) LEFT JOIN members m ON (last_poster_id=m.member_id) LEFT JOIN profile_portal p ON (p.pp_member_id=m.member_id) LEFT JOIN core_tags_cache xxx ON (xxx.tag_cache_key=MD5(CONCAT('forums',';','topics',';',t.tid))) WHERE tg.tag_meta_app='forums' AND tg.tag_meta_area='topics' AND tg.tag_meta_id !=191658 AND tg.tag_text IN ('vtn','zoom','fix','veteran','mod') AND tg.tag_aai_lookup IN (SELECT tag_perm_aai_lookup FROM core_tags_perms WHERE ( ( FIND_IN_SET(3,tag_perm_text) ) OR ( tag_perm_text='*' ) ) AND tag_perm_visible=1 ) ORDER BY tg.tag_meta_id desc LIMIT 0,100
  5. Just tried to check it again in editor. EMR and BDU camo. I dont know how you could guess the uniform type even from 300 meters without optics. Without zoom I can spot the enemy in forest if I take a closer look at the screen, but this is unhealthy. Also some objects on distances over 200-300 m literally disappear on minimal settings. They could be seen only when zoomed up. Yes, the PC specs are only user's problem, I agree.
  6. Of course I do. I also realize that in real life there are no pixels (they dont matter in games like Battlefield, where firefights usually happen at 50-100 meters) and peering into one dot on the screen doesn't affect eyes well. BIS found a way to compensate such disadvantage of digital technologies. Fixed FOV also creates an effect of tunnel vision.
  7. I just decided not to buy an HD screen. Regarding vanilla ironsights being more effective than some added optics - I'll try to use vanilla optics characteristics in next versions.
  8. An addon that returns ArmA zoom feature to Veteran mod. Serverkey included. No file replacement needed. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwj0turbctxabpt/%40veteranus.rar?dl=0 Steam Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=757779650
  9. Oh god, this game is dead then.
  10. Thanks, VOIP was fixed!
  11. ayavadim

    i found a car, how i leave him?

    Try to complete ingame tutorials.
  12. Works fine for me. Thanks.
  13. ayavadim

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Great mod! Thank you! But I think there is a problem with AK holding animation. When a unit lowers his AK his hand collides into himself.