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  1. as just a question of functionality, it seems that if one person drops a sat booster down, and another person walks up to it, the second person doesn't get the benefit of the booster.. however if someone drops a sat booster down elsewhere then gets into the range of the original sat booster they get boosted... does the action of dropping a booster down "enable" a person to use them or should anyone at any time in range of the booster gain it's benefit? sorry if I kinda talked in circles there, but one of our guys testing this mod couldn't transmit at boosted ranges using other peoples boosters until he threw down one of his own then he could use all of them..
  2. Pravus

    Usaf tacp mrap

    has this mod been broken by patches? I always seems to throw errors when I try to test it
  3. Yea I remember reading something about overheating was a big issue with'em and needed "cool-down" periods, wasn't sure about which wavelengths all those things operated at.. Kinda wonder what it would look like now...
  4. should be doable, not sure how much of a pain it would be.. a ways back my unit tried out an apache that had the main gun track where the pilot looks, and since I have TrackIR I look at something and it dies.. That apache had some very cool aspects to it, however small arms fire would pick it outa the sky, SUPER broken glass cannon..
  5. Has anyone else noticed that the MELBs "hitbox" is low and to the rear? we did some testing and pretty much every inbound rocket that had lock would explode below the anti-torque.. we did various testing and we we realized alot of the survivability the MELB has is entirely because missiles don't track the aircraft correctly, even at a dead hover (without the aid of CM at all) I was mostly taking indirect damage from the missile exploding behind and below me, add in hauling ass through a valley and there are times I don't even notice things were exploding directly behind me.. Granted this effect is exponentially "worse" solely because of the amount of raw direct damage the MELB can take is pretty much double or more then any stock aircraft and maybe 5x then most modded aircraft.. I do however like that aspect though, it seems many mod makers make some amazingly cool helos and clearly put alot of time into them rather then just porting in some clapped out Arma 2 model, but then they make it so frail that small arms fire will not only disable the aircraft but actually explode it before it hits the ground.. So I guess what I am saying is I like the "hitpoints" the MELB has but there is something very wrong with missile tracking against it which somewhat pushes it into the realm of OP since missiles almost have zero chance on knocking one outa the sky even after multiple "hits" (on avg I take 7-8 indirect hits before I need to land or auto-rotate for repairs).. any feedback from the makers or other users would be good to hear!
  6. I could have sworn it did function, I noticed the rifle wasn't in the rack a ways back..
  7. I could be wrong about the science on this (I'm not 100% sure what wavelength range IRCMs use), I am entirely understanding that the IRCMs shouldn't look like a flare to the human eye, but wouldn't it pretty much look like a crazy disco ball exploding with NVG or at least FLIR imaging? Also as a side note from that, Has the rifle "rack" in front of the door been disabled? I could have sworn that your rifle used to get placed into it before
  8. I had a feeling it wouldn't be as easy as "change line 26 to variable X" but I suppose we can hope! One of the mods I've been using has been a Chinook mod (Switched from RHS to a handful of mods) Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/167185-boeingsoar-mh-47e-arma-iii/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=286579896
  9. I was wondering how much of a pain it would be to take the HUD from a stock helo and apply it to an "aftermarket mod" helo that uses the same flight model? is that something that could be easily done on the fly or something that would need "official" support from the HMD mod?
  10. Excellent! seems some modders have their preferred site between workshop, armaholic, and BI forums so I wasn't sure which would get noticed.. I'm in no rush for a fix since it's a pretty small issue, Just want to say I love the work you did on this mod though!
  11. I posted on your workshop bug thread but I wasn't sure how often thats updated or looked at so I figured I'd copy the post here as well for good measure: I seem to have an issue with the MELB where when I use the HMD the flip out monitors blank out and don't show me anything (in both Pilot and Copilot seat).. I tried using bonestock arma with just MELB and HMD loaded and I took a picture to clarify the issue: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700601170 I love your mod and will continue to use it anyways, just rather frustrating that when I am piloting I can't see the flipout screens.. As another note I uninstalled both mods entirely and reinstalled making sure they were both up to date..