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  1. thank you. I did that (already before), but there is no siganture field. The last field is called 'about me' and below that is nothing else. I just want to get rid of the signature as I closed that YT channel years ago.
  2. I changed it many years ago but now I cannot find any option to do so ? Where do I need to look ? thanks.
  3. I tried to install Argo again (loved the game), but somehow it does not finish the download at Steam. It seems a tiny bit is always missing. Anybody else having this problem ? I tried all kinds of things, download again, to a different drive and what not.
  4. acealive

    Level design feedback

    The location for Link from today's update is phantastic, even better than theone from the first release. Some relly great gameplay on that. regarding the Graphics: ofc it's the best graphics in any videogame out there imo. Simply because it uses the Arma Engine. I love the very realistic and overall good looking graphic style. I don't now a game that looks better and more real. The placement of all objects is really good this time for Link.
  5. acealive

    Feedback Thread

    I just played a round with today's update. (nevermind my grumpy comments regarding the last update) Thankfully, the MK18 is back (was that the weapon from the first release ?) I love the setting for Link. I had some insanely intense matches there right now. I love the increasing respawn-timer, that is one heck of a marvellous idea ! I like how I have great tension when playing Project Argo, but when I lose I am not angry (as it happendsin some other games, because there is stuff you cannot counter or imbalance) Because it's all fair and matches can go back and forth and so on. Really well balanced, not OP stuff in this game so far. Impressive ! weitermachen !
  6. acealive

    Feedback Thread

    Played the new update briefly, did not like anything about it, tbh. I liked the old map and locations for Link and even started to learn Clash a bit and was looking forward to getting into the Clash locations some more. Now with the update, I can start at zero again, my favourite weapon is no longer available and the new locations are terrible. Link is senseless in no man's land, random killings and no idea where the enemies even are. Since I did neither like the Link nor the Clash location at all with this update, I will not play again until the next update. However, if you won't bring back the locations and weapons from the first incarnation of the game, I will not even do that. I don't have the time to start learning a new map every time I play. I only play a couple of hours of videogames per week. I loved the first incarnation of the game a lot and would like to continue testing it, but I am a slow learner and was not even overly familiar with the old locations. That is too much for me when everything is gone :) Add some new stuff, I am cool with that, but keep the old stuff around... If that is not how you wanna continue, then no harm done. Game was free and I can play other games instead with similar style (and where I have by now gotten used to the maps). just sayin' how it is for me, cheers !
  7. acealive

    Feedback Thread

    I have been playing quite a bit and so far I like it, despite a number of flaws. - Link is my favourite gamemode, with very quick rounds and respawn. Geat for when you only have half an hour time to play. - Clash is also ok, although it can be boring to be in spectator for several minutes after being fragged. I seldom have much time to play videogames at all, and so having to spectate is not my favourite. But I am getting into Clash gamemoderecently. - Arma engine is not really suitable for these gametypes. Wobbly handling, bad framerates, strange hit-detection. - Loadouts of classes/weapons are good - map is good, also the scenarios are good. - no revive is good, no medics or stuff needed for these gamemodes - I love the speed of the games. Not the weird and almost comical speed like in BF or the modern COD games, but a reasonable and realistic speed like in CS:GO. - easy to see who your teammates are by having the marker above their heads like in KOTH. - First person only. Yeah !. One of the reasons I stopped playing Arma is the very little few gamemodes that have First Person only and actually have full servers and don't need mods. - no levelling up or any such nonsense. I just wanna play for the game itself, not to get any stupid equipment, like in other modern shooter-games. So please keep it this way. some things needed imo: - teamkillers must be banned for several days after getting like 3 TKs. - ability to vote-kick players. Sometimes people are afk and that hurts with only 5 teammembers. - feedback if you actually hit a player or not. - iron-sight without zoom...it always zooms in when iron sighting...not so cool at times. - POV slider ! I will surely keep playing this from time to time and will keep posting videos on my channel. It's fun so far, yet far from perfect. But I just love the Arma-like feeling, the weapons, the speed, the no bullshit-approach.
  8. acealive

    What is your favourite game mode?

    I like Link the most. It's just a lot of fun for me :) I don't like gamemodes without respawn, that's why I haven't played the other gamemodes much.
  9. acealive

    Infantry vs Vehicles - What do you prefer?

    The thing with ground vehicles in Arma is that they feel like Mario Kart or Need For Speed. Being able to drive a tons heavy truck with WASD is a joke and only good for some public server fun action. The vehicles miss a realsitic driving model, like the helicopters have gotten as an option. So that when switching that option on, you would have to use wheel, pedals and a shifter to drive and actually need a little bit of skill. Currently the driving is very 'meh'. I would never want to drive a car or truck in a Milsim event again. Did it once, felt so stupid. I do drive tanks in such events however at times, as it is at least more immersive than cars or trucks. I used to drive racing sims, so I might be slightly biased ;) Helicopters are fun though and also have the realistic model, so that you can choose to have a challenge learning to use them. I'm still learning to master the regular flight model (I do not fly very often), once I am really confident with it, I am looking forward to learning how to use the realistic model.
  10. acealive

    Are AA3 players tank shy?

    I cannot say anything about being a gunner or commander in an Arma 3 Tank, but I play as tank driver every now and then in Milsim events, using wheel and pedals. (Yes, some tanks in reality do have a steering wheel) I can remember one event where I actually fell asleep, as the tank did not have to move for an hour and all I saw was a bit of grass out of the small tank window. While the gunner and commander where having lots of action. The event lasted for almost 5 hours. Yet, it can ben fun and immersive, I have videos of such events on my channel. But it definately lacks a lot, the ground on which the tank is driving has no real influence on how it drives for example. There is no interioir. Just blackness around the tiny window. Same unrealistic driving approach goes for all other ground vehicles in Arma, it's a bit disappointing for somebody who used to be into racing-sims. The ability to drive a multi-ton heavy vehicle with WASD is just ridiculous. The cars for example do not even have gears to shift and so on. It's ok and fun for a round of KOTH on a public server, but not more. I'd love to see an optional (!) realistic approach on driving in Arma, be it tanks or cars or trucks, just like when they added the more realistic helicopter flight model as an option.
  11. acealive

    Which keys for parachute ?

    ok, I found out. It's the helicopter steering that also works for parachutes. I set up my Joystick differently and for some reason just deleted the keyboard keys for the helic (only fly with joystick). Now I added the keys again.
  12. Is the Steam Controller working well with Arma, as being configurable and such in the game ? Not for infantry ofc, but for helicopters and other vehicles.
  13. acealive

    Which keys for parachute ?

    yes, I played KOTH... I just need to know what the keybinding is called that also is responsible for the parachute, as there is no seperate one obviously. Otherwise it's a guessing game...
  14. I used to steer my parachute with WASD, then after Apex it was the direction keys. Now those do not work anymore either. I set up some stuff for helicopter flight, maybe that overwrote it ? I find no keybindings for the parachute in all the option menues, how do I bind keys for the parachute ? How is the key binding called ?
  15. Ich suche ein paar Leute, um gemeinsam regelmäßig auf public Servern KOTH HC Infantry, EUTW CTI Tanoa als Gruppe zu zocken. Wäre spaßig, da eine feste Truppe zu haben. Meine Spielzeiten sind idR von 18 bis 21 Uhr. Bitte nur 30+, bin selber ü40.