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  1. Ok, so one of those friends of mine who refused to play dev had joined me, and I've managed to play coop with guys I know. And as a honest man, I must to apologize. Actually, it is way more fun in co-op. The only concern is a _really_ low revive time, please tweak it a bit. I still think that it is no campaign, but some weird game mode, but it is really not that bad in coop, I actually had fun yesterday. (But the word "Call of Duty" was heard more than once through our gameplay) I'd like to comment on some points, though. Anyway, now I get dev's point, I think they played it co-op all times, and thus were unable to see disadvantages of the solo play. I still hope that you guys will deliver some good SP content on this terrain, but some of the worst grades of disappointment are gone.
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    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Hi all, wiki said it all for me, but I'd add the "Twilight of the gods" campaign, it was done pretty well. There are some that I didn't try in your lists, I will do it asap. But here is my list ^W^W^W^W^W^Wno lists, dragon01 said it for me. I'd rather include "voice acting" to the immersion, and that's 2nd place. Campaigns without voice acting are _really_ not immersive enough to be played with relax in mind =)
  3. <imho> It is _not_ accessible at all for those without friends with Arma 3 APEX _and_ wishful, really wishful to play coop campaign. Without at least 2 of them, really. And personally I will not recommend my friends buy it if they want a campaign experience. For new assets, yes, they are really good, I really like'em. For an awesome terrain, yep. But not for the campaign. If I'd want that sort of gameplay, I'd rather play KoTH, it is way more CoD and BF-like, has teamwork and so on. It _may_ be fun, granted, if you are able to gather a team of 4 friends, not some unknowns, and play the campaign. But those teams are already set their mods, prepared their custom maps, ACE and stuff. For newcomers, hm. I bet that this campaign will be a hell. Please, newbie, you got a gun and a need to take the whole Island full of bad guys. In Arma. Not BF or CoD. If not for unlim respawns, it reminds me of Dark souls, but with them, it is a resp hell. With a cautious approach of Arma vet, it is possible to not respawn at all, but you've heard Arma vets already. Really, guys, if I want to play BF, I play BF. If I want to play ArmA BF-style, I play KoTH. Hovewer, I missed some pros of this campaign. Environment is well-designed, decals are placed in lots and are very convenient, those screaming "where is all Tanoa garbage" are glad as hell, I think xD. Cut-scenes are rather good. The story itself is also a great piece -- I saw people complaining about CSAT being a bad guys, but I don't see it, really. They are the same as in East Wind, in my opinion. Only a smallish portion of the Tanoa is used -- I hope that there will be some official use of the others parts of this terrain. We didn't get to the military island, for example. Also, personally, I'd rather wanted to see more of a heavy military presence coupled with insurgents like Syndikat -- like it was in Arma 2 and East Wind. A point about the game setup -- some guys mentioned mil consultants, and I suspect they are good at their job, but still... We are supposed to be a frigging specop team from the future, why we do have a thermal-masking camo, super-duper goggles, but do not have UAV terminals and UAV support? (quad one, specifically) If we have such goggles, why do we have simple rangefinders? At least some of us should get laser designators, we're specop team that just may be used behind enemy lines to guide some strikes. And besides they have thermals too, with greater magnification that our goggles. But the UAV support is my main concern. Is it just for difficulty? It goes against the grain. I see why we are limited in artillery and air support, as well as armor *laugh*. But getting the team deployed without some recon assets as cheap as those UAVs is madness. </imho> Ok, so I played first 6 missions solo now. In mission 6, I was unable to proceed even when I've captured all points and destroyed all technicals, that's only one bug I've got to report so far. It constantly assigned to me "Capture object washington" task, but it was already completed. (may be subjective) FPS goes down to 15-7 at some points, and nothing can change that. I set the lowest settings, I get 18 max. I set ultra, I get 13 max. At most situations, I can expect at least 30+-. Anyway, I had no guys to play coop, since my friends are switched off the dev-branch. My opinion about single-player approach is the same -- no fun. Absolutely no fun. One man is no army, and when I can get some immersion, I prefer to play Signal Lost-style, stay undetected and low. Orders to clear outpost by myself are driving me mad. For one guy, this is not a campaign -- this is a set of coop-oriented missions played alone. I've played alone in user-made coop missions -- and even there was fun due to AI on your side. For me, a maximum of one-person gameplay difficulty is a Marksman showcase -- it was really fun to get through it and not be shot. After APEX release, I'll give it a try with a few guys, maybe it will change something, but I fear that it will not.
  4. Ok, so I've tried to play only 2 missions -- the first one and the last one. In the End Game showcase, I got to a final point (great experience, really, better than the campaign itself) only to find out that the upload task was located in the branches of a tree 3 meters above me... so no upload action is available, we've beaten out CSAT attack and nothing happens. In the first mission, I've missed one bad guy at an objective, it ran away from me and the objective was not secured. It is not Altis, it's hard to find a guy in this sort of vegetation, even with all this FLIR stuff. The mind-blowing AI accuracy is getting really nasty, because on Tanoa, the battle distance is dropped to like 150-200 meters from 300-500 on Altis. I can't even see them, and they are punching holes in my body through the walls. That one is subjective, though. That was about bugs I've experienced. About the campaign itself, it's more oldstyle Battlefield-like. Absolutely no immersion while playing in SP, I bet that it will be the case for Co-op as well. At least AI mates are absolutely required. Maybe, it will be fixed later, but there is no time to look on the map, to think out routes, to pick up load-outs, to study intel (Intel is scarce, though). Anyway, no time to think about briefings, because you get forcibly spawned. Another point, I thought that spec-ops have more freedom to choose their loadouts that a regular infantry pal. But here we have less freedom of choice than in BF4 or 3. Or in the East Wind, anyway. I personally play Arma for some authentic experience that I cannot afford in real-life, and I really like long routes and optional recon missions, sounds and a beauty of nature while you sit in ambush or try to sneak on enemy and all that romantic stuff... Which isn't really there in that campaign. To sum up, in the east Wind it was more like a living world, while here it is like a competition. I'm disappointed, I saw 3rd party campaigns that were way better. Maybe some of it will be tweaked upon release... I hope. Also, I have a few points about the mission setup. I really, _really_ hope that more official campaigns on this terrain will be released. I hopefully will get through this one, but, coop or not, I don't really think it will be such a great experience as the East Wind, Harvest Red or OA.
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    Hi, I know there was a post about memory errors later, but I think I have a different problem here. I played on Arma3 vanilla (+ all available DLCs) + Ravage + CBA_A3, that is a minimum requirements, as I know. But I had a memory error, after which the last save was broken. I was able to load the one save I had before (by renaming it to "continue") This error is really driving me mad, but I can't find any solution nor cause. Any other mods do not give me any errors so far. I had a strange error in logs: This is the only one erroneous thing that I've noticed. If someone will need any info, feel free to ask. The mod is totally unplayable with this, and although I am a programmer myself, I have no experience with Arma scripts/ So any workarounds/suggestions are welcome =) P.S. This mod is really awesome, I'm glad that I've found it. P.P.S. Although, loot is sometimes weird, on my first game, I've completely looted Sofia and Molos (almost each building) and I had a companion, a technical, plenty of guns and ammo, lots of water and about 6-7 cans of food... BUT I haven't found neither tools nor knife nor opener and i freaking died of starvation. I have some experience in survival with virtually no gear available and it's the most unrealistic stuff in this mod. Cans can be opened with almost everything you can find lying around -- even with some wood pieces. If you have a gun, you can just give this nasty can a powerful punch and it eventually will open, if you have a rock lying around, you may open the can with no harm etc... I suggest to just lower the level of nutrition even more if no instrument is available to open those. Because it was not my starvation that was the most infuriating thing, it was sheer knowledge that in a situation like that (lol) it will be a minor problem, not a death sentence xD