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  1. Phantoms

    Joystick configuration

    I ran across this on Youtube and remembered your post. Hope it helps some.
  2. Phantoms

    Enhanced Movement

    Where can one find the L_Climb mod? EDIT: Nevermind, I belive you're talking about this mod - https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/169238-laxemanns-climb-enables-basic-climbing-in-arma-3/?hl=l_climb If one was only going to install one climbing mod, which would you prefer?
  3. Phantoms

    Disable mines/tripwires

    Did a different scouting mission and then went back to this one in daylight (0600 hrs) and found it's not to hard to see the tripwire mines. At night they're a pain, you really have to pay extra attention.
  4. Phantoms

    Disable mines/tripwires

    Thanks guys. I couldn't remember if you could disarm them to save my life. Already knew I could shoot the mines. Had no luck shooting the tripwire mines though. Tried getting close and using the step over command. No good came of it.
  5. Is it possible to disable mines and tripwires? I'm on Elite Warriors scouting mission In the single player campaign and there a several mines and tripwires I come across. Is there a way my person can disable them?
  6. Thanks so much for this. All this time I've been swapping packs, throwing out what i might want, swap back and then pick up,.
  7. Is there a way to look through a dead enemy's backpack or vest and take/place items from/to it without equipping the backpack or vest to my person?
  8. Phantoms

    Making Players Part of Your Team

    Is there a way to just get a medic on one suqad to treat a member of another squad?
  9. I played the scouting/side mission "Illegal Weapons" and after killing everyone, loaded up everything from the crates into the offroad until it was filled. Drove back to base until I got the Mission Completed screen when approaching. After back at base I notice the truck is empty. The only weapons I can find from the mission are ones that are loaded into my backpack and chest pack. I've noticed the same things on other scouting missions like Enemy Checkpoint. Do these weapons somehow get added to the base's inventory? It would see pointless to load a vehicle down with them to bring them back otherwise.
  10. Phantoms

    Could the future setting have been done better?

    I agree with the two above posts. Futuristic weapons, vehicles, etc. are just a turn off in a military fighter for me unless it's full blown like Halo, etc. Then you know what you're getting into. Mixing current with future is not a good idea. It breaks the immersion of the game, at least for me.
  11. Phantoms

    Content without Performance isn't playable.

    I have a new rig. Skylake i5 6600, M.2 Samsung Pro SSD, 980Ti, 16GB ram, etc. I have a mission I made with several dozen units coming in fighting for control of a church. I had been playing on a 1680x1050 monitor with everything maxed and got great frame rates. A minimum of 40fps and usually much much more. I just upgraded my monitor to a 2k one (2560x1440) and when I bumped up the resolution to match, the fps dropped into the low 20s at times. I found that I have to back off some settings (objects, ect.) to play at this resolution. many times when people compare about frame rates to modern graphic cars, they don't usually mention the much higher resolutions they are playing at. As graphic cards get better, monitors do too and continue to graphic cards to their limits.
  12. Phantoms

    Controller Settings screen

    I use the Arma3 profile for the keyboard and it seems alright. For the controllers (CH Combat Stick, Pro Throttle and Pro Pedals) I used the controller setup picking the schemes for these items. Then I had to manually adjust dead zones and sensitivities, but it was enough to get me going flying helis until I could map the remainder of the buttons as I wished. I was just curious as to why there are curve screens along the top as there doesn't seem to be anything to adjust them. And also what the V values affect.
  13. Phantoms

    Controller Settings screen

    I guess no one knows what these two things are for.
  14. I understand Sensitivity and Dead Zone. What is the setting (V)? What are the curves displayed along the top and how are they adjusted?
  15. Phantoms

    Controls for Helicopter

    I just got a CH setup (Combat stick, Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals) and I'm unable to get the collective to work more than 1/3 of the way with the throttle. Collective starts about 1/3 and goes to about 2/3rds the way and I'm unable to get the throttle to operate the full collective. I can use Left-Shift and Z to go the rest of the way, but I'd rather keep my hand on the throttle. As it is, once the engine spools up the helicopter wants to lift a little with the throttle pulled all the way back. Edit: I figured it out. I had to delete the raise collective lower collective settings (left-shift and Z). Then delete the analog raise and lower settings already assigned to the throttle and assign them again manually.