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  1. That is so incredibly awesome! Definitely hope that this project is still going. Troffmeister68 might be one member here that can help out in this project. Here is a link to his thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189786-new-airwolf-for-the-arma-3-3d-engine-perhaps/?hl=airwolf
  2. StringfellowZack

    New Airwolf for the ARMA 3 3d engine perhaps ?

    No words can describe how excited I am for this. Outstanding work, Troffmeister! Really hope you finish this. I'm even willing to donate for the project. I recently bought a very powerful PC (was a console player before) and I've been a huge Airwolf fan since I was a kid in the 80's. But unfortunately, I still haven't been able to make my childhood dream come true by controlling an authentic version of "The Lady" in a good modern game. :( I tried for days to install the Airwolf mod in Arma 2 but didn't succeed. Btw, If someone is willing to help me out with this, it would be incredibly appreciated. PM me in that case. I also checked out both the FSX and X-Plane Airwolf mods but I do not want only to fly, I also want action, missions, really fast turbo flying, and be able to blow stuff up ;) Again, amazing work you have there! I will try to get in contact with more gamers that are also Airwolf fans on the net and spread this awesome news. Good luck with this man! You have my full support!