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  1. Eldowww

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    would it be possible to add the indicated distance + speed onto custom binoculars?
  2. Eldowww

    Immersion Cigs

    excellent mod, always wanted something like this in arma, works well with capturing the slav emotion in the world of arma ;)
  3. Eldowww

    Aliens Mod

    fuck yeah, this looks beautiful man, great to see somebody has continued on the work from Vilas :) keen to see future progress with this!
  4. Eldowww

    HAFM NAVY v1.0

    an idea for landing helicopters on the ships would be an addaction for the helicopter to be attached to the helipad so that it would stick when the ship moves, then when the person wants to take-off there is another action for un-attaching
  5. i'm having download issues with all of the links, saying file is not found on the server. would this be a personal issue or are other people having the same problem?
  6. loving your work here man, i was just wondering if you'd be able to add a sort of radio filter to the news broadcasts so that it's not just a clean sound file playing, would make it 50x better!
  7. I'm guessing the reason those aren't working is because the server doesn't have those custom animations, whereas the relax poses are all from vanilla arma.
  8. Eldowww

    Arma 3 Science Fiction Map

    hey mate, map looks absolutely stunning! only thing i found odd was the amount of grass, much more would be great otherwise the ground texture just stands about a bit too much
  9. i'm having same problem with the crashing in 3D editor, i've figured a way to make it happen. whenever i go into options and I set my objects and terrain to ultra it'll crash, now there's two ways of this happening. 1: If I set objects to ultra then terrain then it'll CTD 2: If I set terrain to ultra then objects then it'll be fine for a bit but after a bit of going around it'll CTD.
  10. fresh torrent man, gotta get some seeders otherwise it'll be slow.
  11. Eldowww

    ASDG Joint Rails

    I was just wondering as to adding bipods to weapons that have bipods as a fire-rate on them (pre-arma bipod addon), i've added all the required script and the bipods show up in the list in arsenal yet when selected they don't appear on the gun? This occurs on both guns with bipods on models and without, any luck with this? I managed to get suppressors from rh working properly, it's just bipods that are bugging me.