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  1. Cryofrost

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    @Ineptaphid yeah i know that, but i would prefer the SDAR
  2. Cryofrost

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    i would like to request a rather small thing, a SDAR that can mount Optics and Silencers, would be nice to have for diver ops.
  3. Cryofrost

    The SSBN-X Project

    always happy to see someone trying to expand the naval side of arma
  4. Cryofrost

    [WIP] Female base model project

    you are properly working on one of the most important mods for arma 3, at lest immersion wise, keep it up.
  5. Cryofrost

    F.R.O.G.S -- Combat Diver Project

    great to hear, will be waiting anxiously :),if it works my clan and I will soon be doing some SpecOps missions, VQI style :ph34r:
  6. Cryofrost

    F.R.O.G.S -- Combat Diver Project

    i have just tested this together with CORE and for some reason i cant get into the sub from the OPS Center, the lap top is there and the actions are there, they just don´t do anything. please fix soon, i really liked the older version, which apart from the slight wonkyness worked just fine.
  7. R0adki11, mister moderator sir, i did. i refer to my post from the 21st of march 2016 in this very thread: and said permission was granted by the author.
  8. nightmare, i have now updated the armor values of the various vest and helmets of your mod but i would like to request your permission, as the original author, to take over the mod, and release it under a new name. you will be credited along with the rest of the people from you credits list. while working on updating this mod, I´ve had some cool ideas i would like to carry out the new name would be BAF 2035. so what do you say?
  9. okay, so a few days ago i got the permission from the original author, to try and update his mod. but now that im done fiddeling with the configs (primarily updating armour values of vests) i would like to PBO and see if/how it works i use Pboproject to PBO, and i have these 2 issues, 1, it cant find the .paa files (but they are there in the given path) 2. it cant find some of the .p3d Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/dHUP8HUq if someone could have a look and help me out, that would be great, thanks,.
  10. it worked! thanks a lot, and wow I feel a bit stupid now :P
  11. okay now my P drive is set up correctly this time, and that solved the issue with the models/p3d files but the issue remains with the paa´s
  12. yes RIGHT, i did some double checking and found that , something went wrong in the original set up of my P drive, so setting it up a-new
  13. thank you, and thats okay, i will make do
  14. Nightmare since you are no longer supporting this mod, do you mind if i poke around in the mod, and see what i can do to update it?
  15. great mod mate, really enjoy it. but i would like to see some CfgGroups added to the mod, would be real nice because then it could easily be used with Alive