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  1. How would I go about adding a variable like that? I'm relatively new to Arma scripting so trying to learn as much as I can, but adding something that would require a uniform change would fit my needs perfectly. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone! First thread post so bear with me here for a sec . Concept of the mission I'm making is the players will be members of American resistance to Russian invasion (a la Red Dawn). The script I need help crafting will need to set players as "civilians" when they have no weapons in their hands/on their backs so OPFOR won't immediately shoot on sight, yet as soon as they take weapons out, they again are labeled as threats (BLUFOR) and shot at by the OPFOR. I think I have this part figured out using a script I found on this forum: This works quite well, however I also want to add on top of this a feature where if a player gets within a certain radius of an OPFOR AI, his status as setCaptive true is switched to setCaptive false so the players in my mission cannot abuse their "civilian" status and go into military installations unimpeded. This is the part where I seem to be stuck as all my research on forums has come up dry. I did find austin(medic)'s Combatant Detection script in the compilation thread, but while working flawlessly in SP I am unable to get it to work on my private server. If anyone has suggestions on how to alter his script to work on a server I would love to hear those as well. Thanks for any help yall can give!
  3. This is great. Anyone have experience trying to get the Combatant Detection script or something similar working on a multiplayer server?
  4. Thanks for posting this, very helpful!
  5. I have a dedicated server I am trying to put MCC on, and for some reason it is not initializing. I have no ability to open it when using the scroll wheel option. The mod is currently on the server, and in the server config, and to make it stranger, when hitting esc. in the server, MCC options are not present, however, if the esc. button is rapidly pressed, mcc options can be seen in the top left of the esc. menu but goes away once I keep the esc. menu open. Anyone have any experience with an issue like this?