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    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Really unhappy with the flight model on the two "fifth-generation" planes. The PAK-FA mod in my mind handles more like a "fifth-generation" aircraft, with its maneuverability at slower speeds, thrust, stall conditions etc...
  2. Amazing work guys, the bam is much appreciated.
  3. I've been struggling for months with this error while try to use Eden editor/unsung mod the game would crash every time. This fixed it. ->Right click on the Arma 3 folder ->go to properties ->go to security ->click on edit and give ALL groups and profiles the full access Massive thanks Thessiv, that was very helpful :)
  4. The error only happened once while testing with no mods for 1 hour. The game appears to be stable without mods running. https://mega.nz/#F!1R0jEKgI!-8zOXu2aSFbN2Zs8eWE26w
  5. I'm getting this error/crash more often than not in both editors. The game seems very unstable since Eden was rolled out.