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  1. Why don't you talk about the changes you want to make - see if others are interested in the ideas? I think most modders are doing it for fun/hobby. I did do some paid work a while back - was hired via PeoplePerHour is that instance. Ordinary programmer rates.
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    Create a PzF-3 tube as a weapon which is just the tube model. Give it no magazines or whatever is used for PzF-3 used so it can't fire. Make the sight unit a weapon attachment. On gear close - if player has PzF-3 tube and sight unit attached, replace with PzF-3 proper with sight attached and add magazine. On gear close - if player has PzF-3 proper and no sight unit attached replace with PzF-3 tube with sight unit and no magazine. On fire, switch to PzF-3 used with sight unit. Remove sight unit and discard tube. pickup new tube and attach sight unit. The NSA80 night sight might be tricky, but it could be done by using the side rail slot for the firing unit and scripting stuff together in the same way as necessary. It's fairly sure it's possible. I'd write the scripts for it, but I'm not a modeller so that bit is up to you guys. To be fair though, there could be some compatibility issues.
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    There seems to be a major oversight here - The PanzerFaust-3 is not a disposable launcher. It has a disposable tube containing the warhead, and a seperate firing/sight unit. The "launcher" should be the sight unit with no tube, and the "rocket" should be the tube and warhead. The sight unit should be resusable. For the sake of displaying models and limiting carrying ability correctly, it may be possible to have the tube as the "launcher" and the sight unit as an attachable sight, though you would have to script it to prevent firing without the sight attached, preferable blocking the abity to get out the weapon without a sight unit. "Pzf 3 consists of two basic parts- a round of ammunition, pre-loaded into disposable launching tube / barrel, and reusable fire control and sighting unit. Before use, the loaded round is attached to the sight / fire control unit, aimed and fired. After discharge,empty barrel is removed from fire control unit and discarded, and a new round can be loaded and fired." - http://world.guns.ru/grenade/de/panzerfaust-3-e.html