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    No Game Sound (I Can Hear Only Voice Chat)

    How do I uninstall and reinstall the drivers? Do I go to Update Device Drivers in control panel?
  2. ErrorChapo

    No Game Sound (I Can Hear Only Voice Chat)

    I have Nvidia and my drivers are all up to date, and what do I do in windows sound settings?
  3. ErrorChapo

    No Game Sound (I Can Hear Only Voice Chat)

    I have sound in other games, i did not change audio setups recently, I just got on and boom no sound. And Ive tried different headphones and no headphones
  4. Ok so, about a week ago I get on to play Arma 3 after not playing for maybe 3 days, and I have no sound. Before I did and I changed nothing in settings and now magically I don't. I can hear people talking in global and etc, but cant hear things like bullets, vehicles, character sounds and all that stuff. I have checked the sound settings in volume mixer and nothing is wrong, I have also checked ingame sound settings and all of them are up. I have reinstalled the game 2 times, deleted the Arma 3 folder all together, and nothing helped. Please help me with my problem. :( Update: I have sound in other games on steam, and I have tried using other headphones and tried using no headphones. I can hear others talking in global and etc. so it has to be something in the game. Update: I have Nvidia drivers, and all of mine are up to date.
  5. ErrorChapo

    This game is too hard :(

    For multiplayer servers read the rules, and watch some videos of others playing these gamemodes and get a clue on what to do, and also make some friends. Teamspeak is a very useful tool that many servers use for people to talk in. For singleplayer all I can say is make the difficulty lower and also if you are doing long range then there is bullet drop so keep that in mind.