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  2. Hi there, During our missions, we used to like to change the weather - things like wind speed etc as we mostly fly. But it seems that when I change the slider and hit "ok" - the box closes and nothing happens. When I open the change weather box back up - the values are the same as they were before I tried to change them. Any tip or tricks to make this work? I use ACE but haven't had this issue before with it - if that is causing a conflict that is. Interestingly - all other sliders seem to work. Wind speed, Wind gusts and Wind direction do not. Cheers EDIT - FIXED - It was an intel setting. To fix it you just click the manual override box in the intel wind settings! DOH!
  3. Hi there, I am considering getting Voice mod pro, but before I do - I need a radio style voice mod that has the "beep" or static burst when the transmission ends (when I stop transmitting and release the push to talk button) that all players will hear. This is in the style of something like Task Force Radio for Arma 3 (which we tried and couldn't get it to work consistently so we are looking at other options). We run a milsim type group and use discord with push to talk in order to run comms. Is it possible? Cheers
  4. Hi thanks for the reply. Yes we have the ammo box with arsenal already, but we all want to avoid having to go over to use it and save time by spawning in with our chosen loadout. We all work and every minute we can save - the better. Sometimes the arsenal takes one particular player a while to load up too. Thanks again.
  5. Hi thanks for the reply - I copied in the above and still didn't work. Sorry, maybe I misunderstood your comment and I need to still add in (//)? I removed the comment lines too. Its odd because about a month or two ago - I could ctrl+c an arsenal loadout into the init without having to change anything and it worked fine. I also went and followed the steps here. Doesn't work for me. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Arsenal Thanks again.
  6. Hi there I wonder if you can help with this please. As co-pilot - I cannot open the AMS. Only the pilot can do so. This means I cannot fufil my role as weapons officer while he does his other preflight checks. Also - as soon as we start engine, fuel goes down to almost half a tank. Are we doing something wrong here? He can open it and slave away etc. I see the AMS icon but it doesn't open when I click on it. Opens fine when I am in it on my own though so guessing that Pilot will always override this aspect. Thanks.
  7. Hi there, It used to work fine, but having issues now. I host a server for me and my mates and I normally pick their loadouts from the arsenal/virtual armoury while in the editor and then copy and paste it into the init so that they are ready to rock when the server is live. Here is an example: It has worked fine before - but now it seems that it has no effect and when the players load in - the lads do not have this above equipment. I note that the "unit must be local" bit seems new to me? Never noticed it before and I wonder if this is the issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 🙂
  8. Hi thanks for the replies, Yeah that did it thank you very much!! Cheers
  9. Hi there, great mod - thanks for making it, but tail hook no longer lowering. It seems to be bugged and the "hide/show pilot" button seems to bug it out. Cheers.
  10. SORTED THANK YOU! Hi there, brilliant mods thanks for making all of the different add ons. As weapons officer in the superhornet (F) (but I also tried it in all of the other planes too) I cannot seem to fire any of the weapons in the co-pilot seat. I envisaged being able to launch and laser guide bombs using the camera from this position. Only my mate who is the pilot can. Am I doing something wrong? Please see shots below: Also the co-pilot seat seems to have intermittent access to the AMS. Sometimes I get lucky and have access to it - other times only the pilot can use it. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  11. Hi there, Does anyone know how I can get rid of all the fog? The odd thing is that in the editor - it doesn't exist, even when I run the mission live- looks grand. But when I host the mission in MP, there is an unnecessary amount of fog - looks awful. It also won't let me get rid of it in the Zeus weather settings (and the fog is set to zero anyway) and I have no mods that add extra fog. Can anyone please help "clear up" this situation? This is with the Reduced Haze mod too! Thanks very much in advance.
  12. Hi there, I am using ACE and have configured the fuelling settings. Pretty cool to ne able to re fuel. However - there are only a few helicopter models (and even jets lack them too) that show a working fuel gauge - for both OPFOR and BLUEFOR units. So does anyone know of a simple fuel gauge script or addon that will show this? Cheers
  13. Hi there, As above - I am flying a KA-52 and I can't figure out what mastersafe does. It doesn't turn on or off and just stays green. Secondly - trying to map a joystick to the cyclic pitch, because when controls are released, helicopter defaults back to level flight as default. Can this be fixed? Thank very much!
  14. Chabbowabbo

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Ah yeah I did see that one but saw it is a script rather than a mod. Might be worth a shot though. Thanks.