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  1. This is pretty exciting, thank you so much for those additions :) I would like to mention another element of weapon deployment that drives me crazy: As it stands currently, when you fire say an ATGM missile, the (smoke) countermeasures in vehicles won't only obstruct the view and break the lock, instead they magically force the missiles to drive into the ground short of the target. I'm no missile expert, yet it seems to me that in reality if a guided missile were to lose it's lock (embedded or remote), it should really be tracking to the target's last known position, not changing it's course after the lock was lost. In the current iteration, this is not only true for actual locks, but furthermore for laser (/radio (/wire?)) guided projectiles. Imho the changes seem to be considerably nerfing air units as opposed to ground. Please consider revisiting these inconsistencies in how missiles behave. This also relates to the current employment of countermeasures, which in practice does not (yet) differentiate between IR/radar. Thanks again and i wish you all some splendid holidays.